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February 1, 2023

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April HickmanJuly 16, 2013

No where is it more evident than in our own wards. Unfortunately there are many adults and youth who are uncharitable to others inside and outside of church. It is unconsciounable that it should happen in church. But happens it does. Many are so exclusive that investigators and some active members quit going due to unkindness. I can think of three right off the top of my head in my own ward just this year. One of them a 12 year old girl, the others adults. I have experienced it myself, but have thicker skin than most.

Shelley TaylorJuly 16, 2013

Really a good article to help us know there are no limits to compassion. We need more people who serve others and thus serve the Savior, I wish I had planned to be at Education week at BYU. Next year!!

Christopher WiikwajioJuly 15, 2013

Great article. Our ward is currently helping a new 33 year old widow, mother of 2 boys. My daughter just painted her bedroom on Saturday. Others are bringing in meals and helping her with her yard. Voluntary service is NEVER Socialism. How interesting that those 3 sisters declared that it would be socialism to voluntarily help those in need even if they were useless eaters. Socialism is NOT the care of the needy. It is Satan's religion where force (government) is used to compel people into the transfer of wealth. It is the war in heaven continued on earth today. Government schools are an example of socialism and condemned repeatedly by Presidents Young and Taylor before Mormons embraced this evil and the prophets stopped condemning it like Samuel gave Israel a king because the members demanded it against the counsel of God. Corporate welfare like bailing out the banksters is Fascism/Socialism. Elected Republicrats are ALL Socialists or Fascists. Every one. Social Security, where the government forces (taxes) children to support non-family elderly and disabled, is Socialism. If you receive a Social Security check you ARE a Socialist. Income Tax is not just Socialism but Communism and is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto. The U.S. and the vast majority of U.S. Mormons practice Socialism and even embrace it as a way of common life. Too bad. According to the official statements concerning socialism members cannot be faithful while lending aid, encouragement or sympathy to socialism and yet almost every member in the USA is a practicing socialist as either a payer or a beneficiary. Voluntarily service and giving is Christian. Forced charity is Satan's religion. They are as different as night and day and should never be confused like those 3 sisters confused to two. As President Romney stated years ago in GC. Socialism is as different from the United Order as black and white horses.

herm olsenJuly 15, 2013

As always, Dr. G hits the nail on the head. His insightful observations make me embarrassed at our (LDS) periodic lapses in following the Savior. Thanks for the reminder!

MerriwynJuly 15, 2013

Thank you for articulating this so well. Christ made it very clear- the mechanism to help is not the biggest issue, it is the provision of actual help and love. A person more worried about whether a person is worthy of their help or how the help is 'least wastefully given' is not focussing on Christ's way, which is to love and serve, not judge and begrudge.



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