March 2, 2021

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David H BaileyJuly 1, 2013

DavidD, may I respond to your comments. First, yes, a Supreme Court was provided for but it needed to be staffed by a moral majority if we heed the warning of John Adams. Do the current staff of justices represent a moral majority? They do not, considering that Proposition 8 and the recent marriage decisions just released would not have occurred, nor would we have had Roe vs Wade (still with us) that has enabled massive murder of innocent babies. I suggest you need to bring your thinking into the realities of 2013 as I suggested in my writeup above. And Mike Mansfield, has the majority expressed sufficient influence on Congress to reverse the wrongs I mention above? That we have leadership who support these judicial decisions speaks loudly in my ears. Thanks to both of you. David

David H BaileyJune 28, 2013

Hi Darla and Allison. I remind myself the Constitution was,by a miracle, ratified in the late 1780s and enabled the opening of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times among a moral majority, and John Adams reminded us that it was for a moral people and was entirely unsuitable for any other. So my question is, in these "last days",do we have the same moral majority in our current population? The evidence I observe across many layers of morality convinces me that this Nation has removed God from public worship as evidenced, for example, in the rather massive opposition to Proposition 8 with its now being unconstitutional despite the clear voice of the people of many faiths; and now the Supreme Court has further eroded that sacred institution of marriage. I also remember in my studies that there was one differing opinion about what Joseph Smith said about the Constitution, and that was "If it should be saved at all. ." Next I wish to move to D&C 76:109 (and earlier references to Telestial beings) "that they were as innumerable as the stars in the firmament of heaven or as the sand upon the seashore;" When I match that word-group to Moses 1: 28 "And he beheld the inhabitants thereof, and there was not a soul which he beheld not; and he discerned them by the Spirit of God; and their numbers were great, even numberless as the sand upon the sea shore." Assuming the peaceful millenium will be of a Terrestrial Order, will there be Telestials there? (There are many other references relating to the number of inhabitants who will be saved, too many to quote here, but the message is the same. In writing these words, please understand that I have the highest respect, regard and love for those who gave us the Constitution, but that we need to consider all their words about what they were creating, and apply those insights to our current world. Thank you for your writings, David H Bailey

Mike MansfieldJune 28, 2013

All blessings come from God, and if we are to obtain any blessing from God it must come by living that law which pertains to that blessing. The Constitution of the United States came from a recognition that its citizens were charged with living the laws of God. Where God has spoken, it is incumbent upon man to sustain His laws, should we desire the attendant blessings. Petty political arguments come from a lack of respect for one another. Christ taught that we should love one another. We can love one another, but we also must be prepared to defend truth and not be afraid of confronting evil in any form - being confident that the Lord will sustain us.

Nadine AndertonJune 28, 2013

Rhode Island ratified in May, 1790 not 1990! It was not THAT hard!

DavidDJune 28, 2013

So, when Mormons talk (a lot) broadly about "saving" or "restoring" the Constitution, what is it they're talking about? Is it the matter of how to fill vacancies in the House of Representatives? (Art.I Sec.2) Or whether to pay salaries to those in Congress? (Art.I Sec.6) Or maybe whether states should be obligated to extradite those wanted in other states? (Art.IV Sec.2) No. We actually talk about pet complaints regarding an extremely small number of matters dealt with by the Constitution. But it's not even that. You see the Constitution (established by God) itself establishes a judiciary to interpret and construe the Constitution. So, I guess you could say that God established the judiciary. So, when we wring our hands and say that the Constitution must be saved, we are really saying that we don't like decisions made regarding an extremely few Constitutional matters by a judiciary that God established to make those decisions. Maybe we need less ark steadying, and more appreciation for the incredible job that our Constitution has done and continues to do.

Ann June 28, 2013

It's OK to have different interpretations and different ways of looking at issues. We don't all have to agree. The founders of our nation were in deep disagreement as to key points. Should we be any different? Our goal should be accepting that others have a right to their point of view and that we can agree to disagree. This is a nation that was built on the concept of a two-party system and is an insurance against tyranny. Let's celebrate that, not seek to villianize it.

CraigJune 28, 2013

There's no constitution left to unite behind. It's been shredded to the point of irrelevancy by an inbred, out of touch, political class that passes any bills it wants or renders any judicial decree that it feels like without giving the constitution a second thought. William Lloyd Garrison called the constitution a compact with satan. Perhaps he was right. It's time for the God fearing and the patriotic to wash their hands of this satanic nation and start over. (for the record Rhode Island ratifief the constitution in 1790, not 1990.)

Allison WardJune 28, 2013

Amen to all you have said here. Now is the time to drop all of our petty partisan arguments and join together in restoring the Constitution while we still have enough freedom to do so. Besides, being involved in the Freedom Movement is a wonderful missionary tool. The most valiant souls (in and out of the Church) are rallying to defend the Constitution, now more than ever.



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