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June 6, 2023
June 6, 2023

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George A. FarhnerJuly 26, 2013

When does " TOLERANCE " become "CONDONING " ? Jesus Christ was willing and able to confront sin where he found it and also added his counsel to...." Go, and sin no more ! " The euphemism " same sex attraction " is used in place of the more emotionally charged term " homosexual " so as to be less offensive. However, regardless of how you phrase still means someone ( male or female ) that has a " Gender Identity Crisis " ( a.k.a. Gender Confusion ) !

SheriJune 29, 2013

Ahhh the nephite cycle has begun. The cleansing will begin within the church first. Rob I'm not sure of your comment, saying if we support the prophet against gay marriage now you hope we'll support him WHEN the change happens. The Lords position is clear in the proclamation. All this opposition to the prophet and the Lords council. I will choose The Lord and His prophets every time. If The Lord gives further revelation I will follow.

kevin_jkJune 28, 2013

Eric, You are correct regarding the prophets. Joseph Fielding Smith and Harold B. Lee both said that if they teach anything that contradicts the scriptures, that we are to ignore those teachings and uphold scripture. The prophets are not God's ventriloquist dummies whose mouths only move when God pulls the strings.

BryanJune 28, 2013

The article makes several good points. I believe in listening to the Prophet and following the spirit, in continuing revelation, etc. My one concern is that the article or some comments here may make it appear that prophetic infallibility is a doctrine of our church. We are to submit our will to the Father's, not surrender our agency; He doesn't want it, that much was made known when Satan presented his plan and it was rejected. We are meant to search and wrestle in this life, I take that to mean individually with each meaningful issue, not simply follow and surrender our personal growth that would come from the struggle. Agency is the divine plan because it is the only way we can grow. We need to promote the wrestle. We need to discover the Father's will for ourselves. Yes, it will be messy, yes we will not all agree. We should remember that Satan's plan was the tidy one, agency requires work and results in a level of personal growth that cannot come through turning off our brains and following the pack.

Jacob FriedenJune 28, 2013

I am perplexed. The one time the Church, which I love and serve, and tirelessly build up with the missionaries, the one time the Church mobilized the members to hit the streets, man the booths, make the calls and donate money till it hurt was not to do missionary work, reactivate the less actives, do home/visiting teaching, but to impose our religious views on Gays. I prophesied then that our Prop 8 involement would lead to naught, and all our efforts would be in vain. When will we learn that if we give blind allegiance to our leaders, they will on occasion make blind decisions. We need to follow the Spirit and serve God. Our leaders will then be constrained to do the will of God always and not stray from the mission of the Church.

RobJune 27, 2013

As an active, temple worthy gay male, I'm going to have to issue a clarifying statement about a few things here. The official church position is that being Gay is not a sin. We're born this way. Like the spirit children of our father in heaven who were born black prior to the 1978 revelation on priesthood, we didn't choose the conditions of our mortal body. I know we want to think that the church doesn't change, but let's not turn a blind eye to the myriad of changes that happen all the time within the church. Context is usually a factor in bringing about such changes but they do come. Think about Blacks and the priesthood, polygamy, Beer (a mild barley drink) prior to prohibition, Coke & Pepsi in the 80's, changing length of garments, the temple ceremony... the list goes on. What if the doctrines against righteous, worthy, homosexual relationships are just very old cultural prejudices? There's a YouTube video about homosexuality and the bible that offers some interesting reviews of the traditional biblical passages relating to it. We don't find it mentioned at all in any of the standard works besides the bible. The Book of Mormon, written for our day, is strangely silent on the issue. So is the Savior himself in the Gospels. The blacks received the priesthood because cultural pressures both within and without the church sufficiently motivated a prophet of God to inquire about it. Think of the pain and suffering endured by faithful black members who weren't able to marry in the temple, or be sealed to their families... and yet, even they were still able to find love and take comfort in those relationships believing that one day they would be sealed. Not so with gay members. Today, we tend to assume that all gay people are what you see at the Pride parades, that we live in debauchery and lust. But how much of that is due to there being a lack of solid ground to land on when a gay person realizes they can't find healing within the doctrines of the church, or the promised healing from God? I myself have been healed in several miraculous ways and yet I remain a gay man. Why will God cause me to be born gay, heal me of other ailments, and yet not offer delivery from this? Indeed, there are no statistics that support successful change in sexual orientation. Even those gay LDS men who choose to marry retain their attractions to members of the same gender. Sometimes that's a successful formula that brings joy and fulfillment, but it usually doesn't work that way. Usually there are transgressions, loneliness, unfaithfulness and trials in store for those who take that route. I would submit that it's possible that being gay is not only NOT a sin as confirmed by the official position of the church, but that it's possible that finding a gay eternal companion is also NOT a sin. We know there are many gay members who find joy in marriage, but what if that's not possible for the majority of gay people? What if the only reason God hasn't spoken up to clarify this yet is that there is simply no where safe to land yet? What if God wants faithful gay LDS people to establish safe places for dating, where the laws of chastity are honored until marriage, so he can restore another "great and important" thing pertaining to the kingdom of God? By their fruits ye shall know... the fruits of anti-gay doctrines do not produce edification. Instead, the doctrine has produced misery, loneliness, despair, alienation from families and from even God. Up to 40% of homeless youths in Utah are LGBTQ, when the national average for large cities is between 20-30%. Does this look like the fruits of true doctrine? I'm reminded of another category of youth who are kicked out of their homes - those who join the LDS church against the wishes of their parents. When the 1978 revelation of priesthood was received, it directly contradicted the spoken and printed doctrine of several church leaders, including Brigham Young and Bruce R McConkie, the latter responded to the effect that we now have more light and knowledge from the Lord and that the old doctrine should be forgotten. What if this is about to happen again with homosexuality? The church used to consider just being gay as a sin. You could be kicked out of BYU or ex'ed from the church for confessing, so we've already seen a shift. My point is that we shouldn't get too attached to this doctrine on the basis of tradition. As a faithful gay LDS man, I support traditional marriage, but I would love nothing more than to be able to find my eternal companion, even if it's another man. And I hope that if you support the prophet against gay marriage, that you will support him when the change happens. .. and I would hope that you would pray for the leaders of the church to be able to resolve this issue before too many more lives are destroyed. When Ammon told Lamoni to take his people to the Nephites for protection in Alma 27, Lamoni insisted that Ammon go to the Lord specifically about that issue. Ammon had a good idea but Lamoni needed God to verify it. This issue of homosexuality and the gospel desperately needs the same sort of counsel from God. It's our duty as followers of Christ, who loves and suffered for even us gay people, to pray for the leaders to seek further clarification from the Lord on this matter. My testimony of the restoration and of the good that is the LDS church today is as solid as anyone I know. I have been filled with the spirit and have spoken by the spirit and have been blessed by the spirit of the Lord in great abundance. I am a faithful gay mormon and I'm not alone. We deserve more help from the head and from the body of the church. Please don't discard our weary hearts. Please pray for us and for the 15 apostles who lead us.

EricJune 27, 2013

Ummm - Michael seems like quite a stretch to say, " I either followed every word the prophet spoke or none at all." I mean I get it - I know this is common Mormon thought - but seriously? I mean even a little critical thinking and historical knowledge shows prophetic fallability - and its a completely absurd thing to think that you can't carefully and critically analyze the things that come out of the mouth of what in the end is simply another human being. He's not some automoton-direct voice of God-device. He's a person. Taking a position like you site can lead to some serious trouble.

BrianJune 27, 2013

This is a subject I have never really even questioned. I have always FIRMLY believed that marriage is between a man and a woman. Male and female are essential to procreation in EVERYTHING! God's law on this is unchanging and very clear. We can love those among us who are homosexual, just as God Himself does, that does not mean that homosexuality is right. These are the last days, and there will be many more of these types of topics "up for debate". But, we need to stay on the Lord's side. We are mere mortals, do we truly believe that we know better than God?

ShaunaJune 26, 2013

They are going to go after the Temple. The end game of this politics may mean we have to go to some far away still free place to go to the Temple. They will do all they can to make it illegal to participate in rites that discriminate against a protected class. The rulings today are going to change many many things. Our Constitution will not protect us anymore. Freedom of religion is not going to be. We are not going to be able to send missionaries. Sex is the defining attribute, religion is other. That is the ruling of the courts today, it is only a matter of time before it comes to the full meaning of what has been done. As Scalia said, religious people are enemies of humanity with that ruling.

Nadine AndertonJune 26, 2013

I believe that the time of separing the wheat from the chaff has begun. Those who seek to create God in their own image by perverting the truth of his word, especially when it comes to such sacred things as sexual matters which pertain to the procreative powers by which man (and wife, not same-sex partner) have the potential to become gods and goddesses, are deceiving themselves. When they support their friends' and loved ones' desires to marry or act out these feelings, they are doing them the greatest disservice possible. I had a loved cousin who was in a same-sex partnership, and I understood that his best hope of working through it was myself and other family to continue to love him and support him as a family member, but certainly not to condone the relationship by seeking to get the church leadership to change policy! If you think it is the church, especially the Prophet, who is wrong, I question if you are really converted at all?

JamesJune 26, 2013

It is the job of an editor to select material that will or will not be included in a publication. Some of my past comments have not appeared in "Meridian." That does not mean they were censored. It merely means they were not chosen to be published. I used to edit a newspaper of considerable size. For various reasons some 'Letters to the Editor' were not published. That does not mean they were censored.

dotpJune 26, 2013

It is sad to see people saying they support the prophet, but not his words on any specific subject. I don't really KNOW what all the Atonement of Jesus Christ entails, but I DO know that it happened and that He has said we must love one another. He did NOT say we had to condone the sins of another, just that we had to love and respect them. I know people with SSA. Some of them are exceptionally kind and caring people, BUT, I do NOT condone their lifestyle. We just don't mention it. I have always said that as long as a person treats me with respect I will also respect them. This I do. However, when elements who are behaving in an unrighteous manner (GOD'S ruling, not mine) start DEMANDING rights given only to the righteous, we MUST draw a line. One can go through the motions and say the words that pronounce them "married" but if they do not have God's blessing on that union, it is of no more effect than me declaring that the sun will not rise in the morning. They are seeking God's approval over something that He has ALREADY declared He DISapproves of. That is the bottom line. You can WANT His approval all day long -- but if you are going to do what He disapproves of, you will NOT receive it no matter how much you want it.

E BJune 26, 2013

I appreciate your thoughts. I've got some of my own (both in favor of and against today's ruling) over at

WiikwajioJune 26, 2013

I see that once again your magazine has stooped to censorship even though no foul language or anything that was more than quoting the prophets was used. Shocking how little this magazine supports freedom of speech and the press.

MaryannJune 26, 2013

It is amazing to me when people proclaim themselves as having testimonies, and yet then make statements that indicate they know better than the Prophet and he just doesn't understand certain issues. Their words and actions reveal they do NOT believe he is a Prophet. The Proclamation on the Family is a divine proclamation to the world and has become more timely with each passing year. When we make exceptions to the teachings the Prophet gives, we will either find ourselves wandering down paths with "mists of darkness" or in that "great and spacious building" of pride, "pointing" our fingers at our church leaders. A testimony includes accepting the word of God from his mouthpiece, our Prophet, even if we don't completely understand his counsel. When we think we know more than he does or that we are wiser than he is, we have succumbed to the "wisdom of the world."

Jack McClaranJune 26, 2013

I can't wait for bigotry to end. Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which opens that constitution states: Article I. All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.[8] It doesn't say just for heterosexuals but All men!!!! Hopefully the supreme court will rule tomorrow that all men and women can marry regardless of sexual orientations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.R.June 25, 2013


JamesJune 25, 2013

I am totally against same sex marriage, but I'm also aware circumstances do change within the church. A good example would be the revelation concerning worthy black males and the priesthood. It was never part of church dogma to deny blacks the priesthood. Instead, it was a cultural matter, that was changed by direct revelation. As I see it, same sex marriage is invalid as it relates to Eternal marriage. They are totally different, and it's my guess same sex marriage will never be conducted in Temples of the Lord. When we pass through the veil, same sex attraction will disappear, and those who experienced it in mortal life, will find eternal companions of the opposite gender. Same sex attraction is simply another mortal test some must pass or fail.

RayJune 25, 2013

This is a very good article about a very difficult topic. I am sure that each of us will be blessed for following the prophets, and that we will become happier as we continue to align our convictions our lives, and our hearts with the teachings of the gospel and all that our prophets are teaching us. I know this is not politically correct, and my heart aches for those who struggle with same sex attraction, however I believe it to be as near the truth as I can determine. I don't believe there were any homosexuals in heaven, and I don't believe that God sends homosexuals to earth as gay infants. I believe many babies grow up in a social climate that can encourage homosexual feelings, tendencies and attitudes over the course of many years which influence some children in their formative years, who then become homosexual by entertaining homosexual thoughts. As a man thinketh, so he becomes. We become what we think. I don't put any blame on God whatsoever for any person who becomes a homosexual....God doesn't make any mistakes. He is perfect!

RayJune 25, 2013

I know this is not politically correct, however I believe it to be as near the truth as I can determine. I don't believe there were any homosexuals in heaven, and I don't believe that God sends homosexuals to earth as gay infants. I believe many babies grow up in a social climate that can encourage homosexual feelings, tendencies and attitudes over the course of many years which influence some children in their formative years, who then become homosexual by entertaining homosexual thoughts. As a man thinketh, so he becomes. We become what what we think. I don't put any blame on God whatsoever for any person who becomes a homosexual....God doesn't make any mistakes. He is perfect!

ShareeJune 25, 2013

I hope that all those parents who think loving their gay child means accepting gay marriage will read this article. Yes, God loves us all and cries over every heartache, but He also "does not look upon sin with the least degree of allowance." We must love our gay friends and family members, and, yes, we can grieve with them over their pain in not being able to have a fulfilling marriage relationship in this life and still be faithful Church members, but I believe that if they are strong in the Gospel, they will receive those blessings in the next. There are many of us who are heterosexual who also live partnerless lives who rely on the Lord to bless our worthiness in the next life.

WiikwajioJune 25, 2013

My daughter is a non-practicing lesbian. She has no interest in men. She realizes what the LDA consequences are for sex outside of marriage. The author states: "I couldn

Laura HowellJune 25, 2013

Great Article and well written. Very timely message; hope and pray those who feel they have more clarity than our Prophet will take a second look.

Nina HawkinsJune 25, 2013

Thank you for your article. I believe Satan is certainly raging in these last days and he is pulling out all his bag of tricks to deceive us. How much influence he has on our minds I don't know but the radical gay culture is his tool to confuse many of us. All of us have weaknesses, it comes with having a body, and the test is to control our "natural man" with the Lords guidance and commandments. Following the prophet is our safety.

PhilJune 25, 2013

Thank you for sharing - the experience of the young man with President Kimball's simple "I love you" is both beautiful and informative. FWIW, I have also loved Elder Holland's message in "Israel, Israel, God is Calling" (CES 2012) where he says taking the compassionate moral stand is the hardest thing he knows how to do. It seems then that the ability to truly love others without at the same time granting license to ungodliness in ourselves and those we love is worthy all discipled striving going forward in following the Lord's prophets.

Janet FawcettJune 25, 2013

After being in a marriage for nearly 20 years with a man struggling with SSA, I've learned some lessons. The law of chastity is for everyone - no matter what! The principle of eternal marriage will never change - marriage is between a man and a woman. We are commanded to love each other and this is essential - no matter what choices your loved one makes. My husband made choices that took him from our family and the church. I've experienced the miracle of forgiveness and while he continues in strange pathways -- looking to feel happy -- I know that Heavenly Father loves him and loves me. Following the prophet will lead us closer to God and will bring us the deep, abiding happiness we all want to feel and seek. Following the teachings of the world will leave us empty. My job is to love and obey -- not judge and act in disgust. These are important things of the heart and the only way to know how to act and live with these issues is to follow the prophet and the teachings of God.



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