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May 8, 2021

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Nana SidJune 23, 2013

Lovely article. But, it's important to remember that math should not be horror-inducing. We're raising a generation of girls who think they're "bad" at math. No one would ever say, "Reading--horrors!" In addition to teaching our families about the wonderful doctrines of the kingdom and about Heavenly Father's earth, let's teach our children that some subjects may be hard. Students may have to work at them and get help. But, they are not "bad" at them. Math is not horrible because it's hard. This is also a good gospel message. Some things in life will be hard. Don't throw up your hands and use this as an excuse to not overcome the challenges of life.

Jeff BurrellJune 21, 2013

If you want another answer to the "is soap the bad guy" discussion, should it arise, consider this: The soap, in breaking the water's tension, causes or allows the pepper to flee. Water that is not tense, can more easily flow, and therefore move around your hands (when poured) and take the dirt (same color as pepper) molecules away from your hand instead of allowing the dirt to just hover around you. We need the soap and the water to have "clean hands" just like the atonement and repentance make salvation personally possible; they conform to fit our personal needs in trying to become clean and good.

Shirley GriffinJune 21, 2013

Joni GREAT article. I love it and am sending it on to all my children for them to share with their families.



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