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August 9, 2022

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ChapsJune 2, 2013

I'm a former member of the Church. I have tattoos on my left arm a beard and somewhat long curly hair. My heart is in the Kingdom as well as other good things. I ride a H.D Motorcycle because it feels real good. I reach out to people whenever I can. I get mixed reactions. However, when I least expect it babies and toddlers are looking me straight in the eye and smiling. The toddlers will go out of their way to greet me. Go figure. It always makes me feel that I might be worth more than I think

DarrenMay 31, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, the average biker is actually a very honorable person with strong moral convictions. As part of this, they are typically *very* quick to defend children, the elderly, and those in mourning. Where I live, the local bikers are very much active in charity work, and frequently conduct fundraisers for various causes. PS - there's a video floating around somewhere that might be of interest. A man got the bright idea to hold up a group of seniors who had gathered to play bingo. Upon learning of the situation, a 60+ member group of bikers responded by storming the place. They succeeded in flushing the robber out and pinning him down in the back parking lot, where the cops easily arrested him.

PatMay 31, 2013

I taught high school for many years in a gang infested neighborhood. At one point i became quite ill and had to quit. Then I became concerned because I would see strange cars sitting in front of my house at night. Later i learned that one of the gang leaders had heard I lived alone and started assigning members of the group to guard my house from the 'other" gang since I lived in their "territory. This upset the opposing kids, most of whom I had also taught. Not to be undone THEY set up surveillance, and fairly shortly they all figured out everyone didn't need to miss sleep, so the two gangs split the duties and alternated nights. These kids made some strange decisions in other areas of their lives, they were truly angels who made one old teacher feel safe, safe, safe!

JanetMay 31, 2013

Wow - thanks for this story. Now we can rest if you move, knowing Emily will be watched over. Angels do come in many ways and outward appearances.

Beth TMay 31, 2013

Opening our eyes to what God sees brings so many blessings!! Thank you for sharing & your insights. Great Read!! Emily and her friends have my prayers.

JohnellMay 31, 2013

I've really enjoyed these stories. Thank you.

Earle NaultMay 31, 2013

We hade a member here who got to know a group of the Hell's Angels on his mission. I remember him saying that as he got to know them he better understood why they band together and they became somewhat acquainted with the gospel through the missionairies,

MikeMay 31, 2013

I've been enjoying your series of articles about Emily. So far, this one is my favorite. When I read what the leader of the gang said to the young man... "If you ever touch Emily again, it will be the last conscious thing you ever do. Got it?" ... I rejoiced with laughter and tears. This story made my day. Thank you.



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