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February 8, 2023

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Robin Hawks AlexanderMay 26, 2013

A beautiful memorial to a beautiful soul. God bless our Prophet during this time.

kelly millerMay 25, 2013

The highest way to pay tribute To one who has passed through the veil Is to express deep gratitude For the life that they lived so well While it is a time of sorrow Gladness can be felt that is rich From memories we can borrow Abiding lessons that enrich

kelly millerMay 25, 2013

"There was no chink in her armor; there was no guile in her soul; there was no flaw in her character." She completed her role...

Mary PettijohnMay 24, 2013

What a wonderful woman that we shall greatly miss. We love you President Monson and rejoice in knowing you and Frances are eternal companions. Our prayers are with you always.

DaphneBKMay 24, 2013

Your photo's & excerpts are excellent and comforting , giving us who live so far away a touch of the warmth of being there with our beloved prophet & his family at the passing of his sweet wife & companion.

Daryl MayberryMay 24, 2013

Thank you for sharing.

Phyllis J. Rosecrans SmithMay 24, 2013

So happy you allowed us who live away from the Salt Lake area to share via pictures and word with the passing of this lovely lady. We love you President Monson, may you be blessed and comforted in your loss of your eternal companion.

RoseM. DaigleMay 24, 2013

President Thomas S. Monson, I could not have traveled to Salt Lake to attend the celebration of life for your dear wife even though it truly was a desire of my heart to be present. What joy and gratitude was mine when I happened upon the knowledge that it could viewed over the internet. Thank you for allowing us Saints who could not travel to be present in the remembrances of your dear eternal companion celebration of life. What an exceptional saint, mother, and wife she is and ever will be. She is such an example of how a daughter of Heavenly Father should conduct her life. Ever faithful, ever hopeful, ever extending the pure love of Christ to everyone she came in contact with. With deep gratitude, Rose

Regina FaresinMay 24, 2013

Yes, thank you for letting us partake in this beautiful, touching tribute to her, Regina (Italy)

Correne BarrusMay 24, 2013

Thank you for helping us to share more completely the services for this beautiful sister that we have so admired through the years.

Secelia May EllsworthMay 24, 2013

Scot...I love your photos for their beauty and allowing me to feel I am a part of the experience.. thank you.

Renae HaleMay 24, 2013

What a beautiful article about a wonderful woman. While we mourn for the temporary absence of her companionship, we rejoice because we know where she is. President Monson, we love you and support you in your time of sorrow. You are in our prayers and our hearts at this time.



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