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October 24, 2020

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Arouma MatautiaMay 21, 2013

love your articles on preserving the traditional marriage in this world with its shifting values and morals, I put my hand no both hands up for this just cause by my own experiences as a happily married woman for over 35 years and going strong day by I reflect on our journey thus far I acknowledge and appreciate a lot of highs and lows and tender in- betweens...struggles, tears, trials, burdens, illness, joys and laughter along the way, and I for one will never take any of those experiences back instead I celebrate TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE as the only way to raise the Lord's children He has blessed us with... to be well balanced, happy, hard working, loving, forgiving, honest and understanding, especially having faith that families matter now and in the eternities. I rest my case, and will continually speak my mind while going on my knees that our gay friends will acknowledge that it is not a right but a privilege to have families consisting of a mother, a father and children just like they were brought into this world by their loving parents, and if they break that law then they will answer to our Maker some day...



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