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June 6, 2023

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Cindy JenkinsMay 22, 2013

I sometimes wonder if all they are really looking for is a "legal contract" so they are able to have the same legal rights we have as married couples? I know many gay couples that this seems to be commonly the talk they have regarding their right to be married.

Leah ChamberlainMay 16, 2013

When they find out we are Sealed, they will want to steal the word "Sealed".

Rick SaubleMay 15, 2013

It should be recognized that there is a difference between the 2 "movements". Trying to change the definition of marriage is political and must be fought against in the arena of politics. A Marriage Movement is personal and non-political. Both involve changing hearts but there is a difference. One involves changing votes, one involves changing lives. Both are extremely important in their own realm.

Arouma MatautiaMay 15, 2013

Oh what has our wonderful world come into??? Thank you both for your 10 part series about Marriage, and hope you don't mind but I am going to print it all for my own reading and sharing it to friends. Our Maker must grieve at how far we have come by trying to change the constitution and the laws saying it is our human right, when we should be doing all we can to preserve the sanctity of marriage between loving men and women so they can bring His children into the world so they too will naturally grow up and have families of their own, such is our journey or circle of life....on the other hand if we support gay marriage then in a few years time the human race will decrease, as no man and man can conceive children only adopt them, where is the happiness in these one sex families... we, females and you the males are created differently by our Creator for a grand purpose, to be compatible so that each can draw from each other, different strengths when needed. I rest my case knowing I will be ridiculed by my gay friends, yes friends, because you're my brother or sister not my enemy, I like you but I don't support what you do, but I, like many of other faiths stand up for the traditional way of Marriages, because I appreciate all that my own parents did for me, My dad a doctor and his sweetheart my Mum raised us in their simple faith that God knows all, we just follow His plan for us that's all, no questions asked, He knows our beginnings and our ends...if we don't like it then tough, we need to have self control in all things, accept who we are and move forward following His ways, with strong faith that this may be our trial in life and if endured well, the Lord will be the first to embrace us in His arms knowing we conquered our weaknesses and immoral conform with His will and desire for us to be happy in our families not only for this life but for all eternity, if we follow His simple plan of happiness, as explained in the scriptures...

Lisa ReisingMay 15, 2013

I've heard some gay activists admit that legitimizing marriage for gay couples is just the foot in the door to further change and twist the definition of marriage. One woman claims her personal agenda is to include not just two parental figures in her family, but as many as are involved in the raising of the children in such families (in her case 7, including sperm donor, uncles, friends, etc.). Why do we need to call this "marriage"? It legitimizes choices. It makes those choices armor-proof against legal action. Whatever happens to children and innocents in those environments will be perfectly legal. As they say, if we don't stand for something, we will literally fall for anything.

Pamela SmithMay 15, 2013

Marriage was controversial much earlier than the 1960



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