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November 30, 2022

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Jim FosterJune 17, 2014

" it has since history began, as an exclusive commitment between a man and a woman..." Interestingly, this is incorrect. Anthropology tells us that early humans did not live as nuclear families with exclusive commitments. Love as a basis for marriage was considered unusual until the 19th Century. Although there were various patterns, early humans often lived in small groups often with men mating with multiple women. I believe that the Eyres should give a more accurate account of the history of marriage.

protectlilbApril 1, 2014

I did not realize one was able to say "There are only two ways to view marriage", and that it was automatically true. In that case, there are only two ways to eat a pizza: with a fork and knife or folding it up and eating it like a taco. See? I can define something to fit my views instead of using common sense and realizing there's more than two ways to define something and acting like some people doing it differently is "wrong" and "selfish". If you disagree, YOU'RE the intolerant one.

Christopher BoltonMay 15, 2013

Bill, if gay marriage is based on selfishness because it is marriage based not on children, but on themselves, then the same is true for couples who marry as seniors. Such marriages are likewise based on themselves rather than on children. The same is true for couples with known fertility problems or those where or both have been sterilized. Sure, you couples unable to reproduce may adopt, but gays can and do as well. Will you be consistent and state that those who marry as seniors are selfish?

Sophia May 14, 2013

Although I understand and support the reason for this article, the phrase "Marriage can be viewed, as it has since history began, as an exclusive commitment between a man and a woman" seems to me too simplistic and even incorrect, since there have been and still are cultures in the world that allow for one man to be married to more than one woman. I believe there may also be cultures where the opposite is true, but couldn't swear to it. It's hard to find a proper "handle" on this discussion out in the world since both sides do not share basic premises for their arguments. For the LDS, it comes down to following God's commands.

Bill GouldMay 14, 2013

Enjoyed tje artical. A number of years ago,I expressed to my wife that gay and and lesbian relationships were based on selfishness only. I didn't know their was a name for it. Also, the flipping of good is evil and evil is good is sad but true. But thos concept os nothing new. It is just more wide spread and acceptable today. This particular war has been going on since this world was created. The article was great. It helped and clarified my own thinking. Thank you.



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