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September 25, 2020

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Justin Carlson October 31, 2013

Could be Keillor was referring to the plates dug up/translated by James J. Strang in nearby Voree, Wisconsin. Strang set himself up as the true successor to Joseph Smith, Jr. and for a time had some of the Smith family and Book of Mormon witnesses numbered among his followers.

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JimMay 20, 2013

Even the Prophet Joseph said he wouldn't believe his own story, if he hadn't lived it, himself. Mr. Keillor will retire soon. I wish him the best, and will miss his programs.

Mary SilverMay 16, 2013

I agree with Ryan and shake my head at comments made about the "leftness of NPR". So many people, my husband included, seem to think that if the news isn't coming from the extremely conservative point of view, then it can't be true. I do listen to NPR so that I can get a balanced, world-wide view of what's going on today. I can actually be informed about a subject without all the negative, bickering, name-calling, "the world is hopeless and evil due to liberal thinking" kind of crap promoted by the staunchly conservatives these days. To them everything is black and white, mostly black, and I can see my husband's negative attitude grow and lead him down the path of depression as he feeds on the words and attitudes of the conservative media. As for Keillor's remarks- not in the best taste, but we probably need to grow a thicker skin if we are to survive these times. When I hear Mormon's being singled out in news reports when one of our members does something wrong, it is tempting to think, "Nobody would say, "So and so is guilty of this crime and HE IS A CATHOLIC". But we are held to a higher standard apparently- maybe that should be taken as a compliment.

RaynMay 15, 2013

I've sat in priesthood meetings that were mostly a rip session on other religions. Just because it doesn't happen in all wards doesn't mean it doesn't happen. NPR receives 4.6% of its budged from Federal, state and local government. Whether NPR should receive government funding has been discussed negatively in our quorum meetings. There is silence when I've brought up the fact that some of the people in that same priesthood group collect government benefits for farming or their children are receiving benefits while going to college.

BarbaraMay 15, 2013

Oh Sammy Boy & Zara, I hope I never end up in the wards you attend! I never hear other faiths denigrated in my ward full of loving members trying to do unto others . . . and succeeding. In the sermon on the mount, Christ told us to "rejoice and be exceeding glad" when we are reviled, persecuted and lied about. See Matthew 5:11 & 12.

Pamela SmithMay 15, 2013

Just as Keillor has done, last week we Mormons were again mocked by CNN

MaryannMay 15, 2013

Suzie--your comment was the best of the bunch. Thank you so much for reminding us that we are not offended for ourselves, but because of our loyalty to the Savior and His church. I, too, will turn away "when you mock the work of the Son of God." To do less would be disloyal to Him and to fail in honoring our covenants.

Gary BealMay 14, 2013

Wow! Looks at all the comments this piece generated. Mormons: Get a grip. We're too sensitive about this! Keillor can be deeply religious; I've wept at his tender, reflective stories, his praising of God, and him frankly examining his own spiritual roots. He's made fun of many different spiritual perspectives. Think about his riffs on Universalists, and pointing out the petty differences between the Catholics and Lutherans in his "hometown." Why not Mormons? He didn't name Mormons: we projected our own insecurities into his skit. If you weren't a Mormon, wouldn't you find some of the things about the church odd, peculiar, or at least funny? NPR can be annoying liberal, but Keillor can espouse many things that Mormons would willingly embrace. I vote that we all take a deep breath, and see if this looks different a month from now.

Bob CollinsMay 14, 2013

/ But NPR is mostly government-sponsored and funded and alternative lifestyle-centric. NPR is not "mostly government sponsored. But, more importantly, Keillor's operation is not affiliated with NPR.

Lindsay HurdMay 13, 2013

I listened also, and my ears did perk up when I realized he was talking about us. But Mr. Keillor is good natured and has a poking sense of humor. I am secure in my religion and did not take his comments personal, just see it as poking at something he does not understand, the same as he does with others. I was not offended by his comments and let it go.

SuzieMay 13, 2013

I heard the same broadcast, and was also disappointed. Why were so many Mormon's offended? Not for ourselves, but because we know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was restored by Jesus Christ. It is His church. As members, we hope our actions will glorify our Savior. The broadcast did not do that. I will try to find entertainment that is more uplifting and not offending. You can call me a white haired, bent over old lady if it makes you happy, but don't be too surprised if I turn away when you mock the work of the Son of God.

vickieMay 13, 2013

well, yep my name is vickie and vickie is picky...hahah..I dont care for mr woebegone but my husband did listen to him..notice past tense...becuz if he tries to again ...well, lets just say..I will hitch a ride ...that is the only place we hear abt mr husband though is a person who use to love listening to radio stories etc becuz we are older..I did for abt 3 yrs when I was a child in germany as my father was army and we were there during those 3 yrs way bk in the 50's. I remember hearing some things I didnt like on it..and it upset me was probably the left leaning stuff...and my hubby let it go...becuz the rest was funny...however, my hubby will walk out when its something he doesnt like that he hasnt I will take his example and do the same...

Gary BealMay 13, 2013

Wow! Looks at all the comments this piece generated. Mormons: Get a grip. We're too sensitive about this! Keillor can be deeply religious; I've wept at his tender, reflective stories, his praising of God, and him frankly examining his own spiritual roots. He's made fun of many different spiritual perspectives. Think about his riffs on Universalists, and pointing out the petty differences between the Catholics and Lutherans in his "hometown." Why not Mormons? He didn't name Mormons: we projected our own insecurities into his skit. If you weren't a Mormon, wouldn't you find some of the things about the church odd, peculiar, or at least funny? NPR can be annoying liberal, but Keillor can espouse many things that Mormons would willingly embrace. I vote that we all take a deep breath, and see if this looks different a month from now.

FredMay 13, 2013

Well, when he is up north, he tags the Lutherans. He was in Salt Lake City. And he actually told the more interesting story of one of the original Mormon offshoots, not the mainstream Church. But I suppose good humor just isn't funny to those who take themselves super seriously.

Ed JesseeMay 13, 2013

Kudos to Carl, ktn -- and Darryl. . .

FirmconvertMay 13, 2013

I have been a member for 33 years and I have never once heard anyone say anything negative about any other religion... as a matter of fact, as a new convert back then, I was early on impressed by the evidence of the leaders being positive and good examples of respect and kindness towards others and this being demonstrated by their words and their actions through selfless services.

Jared McEntireMay 13, 2013

I have never listened to Keillor but many years ago I listened to NPR for a time and when I realized their left-oriented thinking, comments and agenda, I also lost interest. I will also not support NPR which should never receive government funding. There so many programs our tax dollars should not go to. As someone stated the 13th Article of Faith in possible support, we seek after things that are uplifting, does not mean that we have to give audience to and support financially, which we are if we listen to program sponsors, those who do not uphold our values and in fact are tearing them down, whether it be in the jest of "humor" or not. You know the value of the phrase, an apple gone bad, if a friend made off colored jokes knowing that it may offend me or others, I would not support them in their efforts or their life style. Some like Keillor who in many cases must think they are above reproach, is not a friend. This is similar to a very popular singer that I used to listen often to, and buy their music, until they made the announcement that their views and morals were in direct conflict with the gospel, in fact exactly the opposite, I made a 180 degree turn in my support for him. It does not matter if people think he is an artist or not, the Lord may have blessed him with great talent but when they use it to further an agenda that is completely wrong, Korihor, Alma 30:12- 58, also tried to further his agenda with the talents he was also blessed with. There is an ever widening chasm between good and evil and we cannot stand on both sides.

DarrylMay 13, 2013

I listened also, and was a little disappointed, but I chose to get over it. As a convert of 15 years, I find that many church members are very quick to take offense when it is our church being poked fun of, but just as quickly take the opportunity to disparage other churches or belittle other beliefs. I agree with Carl's and ktn's comments...

GripMay 13, 2013

People tend to be down on what they are not up on. MR. keillor needs to "get up on Mormonism" Maybe he would convert. If he is going to give us free publicity, it would be well to mention Mormonism by name to remove all doubt on his message.

Michael B. CloudMay 13, 2013

Consider the source. NPR and a personality who is openly hostile to conservative ideals of any kind. Openly promoted the liberal agenda during the election. He is a thinly veiled sponsor of anti-christian thought. No surprise here.

RosieMay 13, 2013

There is a contact address and opportunity to comment. (They welcome them!) Lets all take an opportunity to do so. I will. [email protected] Our mailing address is: Prairie Home Productions, LLC 611 Frontenac Place St. Paul, MN 55104

Zara May 13, 2013

What Oh Sammy Boy said. It happens in church all the time, but Mormons just don't notice it if it's about someone else's religion.

concernedMay 13, 2013

Unfortunately, Keillor is simply the latest example of the denigration of religion by an increasingly secular society. There are individuals in every religion who use the importance of morality as a weapon to force their personal views on others. As hard as this is to withstand, it is the example that is given to us. In every instance it is our role as disciples of Christ to use persuasion and long suffering and patience towards others while keeping our standards in place. We can choose not to engage in further contact and respectfully speak up in the face such mocking but should never engage in this manner towards others beliefs. We were never told it would be easy, just worth it.

Pamela SmithMay 13, 2013

Mormons and the overweight -- the last two groups one can freely attack without fear of being called politically incorrect.

Oh Sammy BoyMay 13, 2013

I've noticed that Mormons get really upset when someone makes a passing reference to their beliefs in a mocking fashion. However, when I go to church I hear atheists, secular humanists, agnostics, etc. ridiculed on a weekly basis. Less often, but still regularly, I hear passing references to how silly Lutherans and Catholics are (for the sake of context, I live in Minnesota), and I've heard comments made about Muslims that are rather offensive. But no one ever gets up and walks out of Sunday School or PH/RS. "But atheism isn't a belief system; atheism is a lack of belief system." Let me preempt you on that one. That's not true. Atheists most certainly have a system of beliefs; they just happen to revolve around an unseen deity. As a person who has been at different times in my life both devoutly Mormon and devoutly atheist, I find the comments that are regularly made in church highly offensive. I'd love to see the article written in one of these LDS magazines taking offense at atheist/other bashing. I doubt I'll see it anytime soon, but I welcome you to prove me wrong.

Tom MerrillMay 13, 2013

NPR should stand for National People's Radio. What would you expect from government-owned media? Smile, nod, leave respectfully, and don't return.

Cary HolmquistMay 13, 2013

I was raised in a part member family and one half of my extended family were lapsing Catholics and Lutherans who had no reverence for ANY religion. And in the hinterlands that my Utah relatives call "the mission field." So daily slaps in the face about the Restoration, Joseph Smith and "those Mormons" were what I learned to endure. Eventually, those of us who persevered learned, among other things, to always be prepared to turn the other cheek. Even if the slapper was laughing at us at the same time. A little humility can go a long way, especially if you bear it without humiliation. So, I still enjoy Lake Wobegone for what it is while it is humorous and don't worry about the hand that crosses the line to slap me again. Take it with that grain of salt, wherewith I hope to be included with being the salt of the earth.

CarolaMay 13, 2013

The Tabernacle Choir has performed live on his show before. He did the show live from Salt Lake and the first hour included performances by the choir and his story telling was about the pioneers coming to Utah, and his own memories of his mother playing a choir record on Sunday mornings in his house. It was all respectful and beautiful. My guess is that he didn't mean to cross a line.

ktn May 13, 2013

Three cheers for Carl Youngblood's comment. I heard the program referred to and was a little surprised, but certainly not offended. I will continue to listen to Prairie Home & to NPR. If we will only listen to voices with whom we agree 100%, we have disengaged from the world and can't expect to have any influence on it.

Grace Fields McIntyreMay 13, 2013

I hope you were able to forward/send via email to the man. Beautifully written. I joined the LDS Church a few years back and am well acquainted with the mockery and I also believe hatred some have for our doctrine.

dharriscMay 13, 2013

i agree with Thadeus Hartman who suggested you forward this piece to keillor ... you need to let them know your feelings ... i have listened to this show since we moved back to the states in the mid-80s, always being highly entertained; however, in the past couple of years the *profane language* issue has come up and i've, pretty much, quit listening ... sometimes it's on the radio saturday evenings when i'm driving, but i no longer make a point of listening ... sadly, the entertainment factor is just not there anymore ... thanks for your piece, now push it along to him so he knows .... ps . you can get his email addy from the website, rather than just forwarding it to *the show* ....

Robert PritchettMay 13, 2013

Once is pardonable. Twice is deliberate. But NPR is mostly government-sponsored and funded and alternative lifestyle-centric. Everything it broadcasts should be heavily scrutinized with a bogus meter or they should stick with classical music and not do any vocalization. It is a propaganda machine for all things unholy. Remember that Garrison is a humorist and usually has one tongue in cheek. He only "went over the top" if he was actively badmouthing the Restored Gospel. The broadway musical on The Book of Mormon and associated music should be one to be really upset about! Remember the 13th Article of Faith and apply it.

Cassandra HoffmanMay 13, 2013

I agree with Carl's measured response. Having also been a fan of Garrison's for well over two decades it would be like turning my back on a friend for one, albeit very off color, joke. We have to be secure and confident about where we stand and reflect that in our actions. As a convert myself I can more easily place myself in the non-member's shoes and realize how odd some of our beliefs may seem. I think sometimes we forget that ideas and beliefs that seem perfectly natural to us produce a visceral reaction of scorn and mockery in others. This is where we need to step in, "be not offended", and teach.

Maralyn DotsonMay 13, 2013

He just doesn't "know." I will wait until he does to turn my radio on to his program. There are little innuendos in the script that make me very uncomfortable, especially when my husband doesn't "get" it and laughs. To Carl..somehow taking the "good" with the "bad" leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

DavidDMay 13, 2013

If we are honest with ourselves, there is plenty about our church for outsiders to be skeptical about. And I guess as long as I am going to take Muslims to task for their demeaning approach to women, and Catholics for creating and protecting a culture of pedophile priests, I can't hardly justify getting too concerned about someone poking fun at the Joseph Smith story.

RosieMay 13, 2013

There is a contact address and opportunity to comment. (They welcome them!) Lets all take an opportunity to do so. I will. [email protected] Our mailing address is: Prairie Home Productions, LLC 611 Frontenac Place St. Paul, MN 55104

Bob PowelsonMay 13, 2013

I have learned over many years that any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right. If Keillor is going to attack us, make sure he gets the name right.

TrishMay 13, 2013

That disappoints me, too. But I always take comfort in the scripture--and the fact--that no unhallowed hand can stop this work. They can mock and make fun all they want (usually for a few dollars), but the only ones that will hurt are themselves.

Carl YoungbloodMay 13, 2013

Joni, I think you got exactly the wrong lesson from this. Just because an artist who is otherwise witty and insightful jests at your particular religion doesn't mean that you should boycott all his other work. The prophet Joseph Smith said that "the first grand fundamental principle of Mormonism is to accept truth, let it come from whence it may." Brigham Young said that if there is a truth in heaven or hell, we claim it. In other words, keep the good, discard the bad. A faith that cannot tolerate ridicule is weak. We should welcome opportunities to reflect deeper on our faith and the extent to which it does or does not hold up to scrutiny. As J. Reuben Clark has said, "If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed." We should be willing to acknowledge those aspects of the gospel that seem ridiculous to outsiders and frankly consider why they seem that way and to what extent our claims are reasonable. My experience with this has been that much of our arrogance will be replaced with humility in so doing. I think this experiment will also help us to present our doctrines in a way that is more compelling to non-members.

Leon LeavittMay 13, 2013

Political correctness does not include the LDS faith apparantly. Good work on re-arranging your bookcase!

Rich BowermanMay 13, 2013

This isn't the first time Keillor has crossed the line with regard to the Church. I stopped listening years ago for that reason.

Thadeus HartmanMay 13, 2013

Good for you! Now forward a copy to Keillor. I apply Elder Bednar's adage about being offended only if we allow ourselves to be to my own life; but, we don't need to ignore attacks. To do otherwise would be akin to remaining a participant in an a conversation that becomes inappropriate.

ChrisMay 13, 2013

Very well stated. A sad fact I have observed: those that preach "tolerance" are often the least tolerant of any belief system that differs with their own.

KCMay 13, 2013

Thanks for standing up for our religion & all religions. I have not listened to Keillor or NPR for a decade or more for the exact same reason. The mockery of my personal beliefs and the religious beliefs of millions seems to be honed to a fine art with them. Even more difficult is being with friends & family who smirk and chuckle as if there is no harm. Being offended for the sake of one's pride is one thing, but duly recognizing when others are tearing down, bit by bit, your right to conscience by making a mockery of it is quite another.

Paul W. SextonMay 13, 2013

I believe that the majority of LDS have been shuffled into an uncomfortable zone at one time or another. Thanks Sister Hilton; it was good to read your thoughts. Especially pleasing was the brandishing of words in the last two sentences.

JanineMay 13, 2013

Some thoughts came to my mind as I read this article: Brigham Young's comment that anytime you kick Mormonism, you kick it upstairs, Ether 12:26 that reads "...fools mock, but they shall mourn...", and Brother Joseph's prophetic words from the Wentworth letter: "...calumny (deliberate slander) may defame, but the truth of God will go forth nobly, boldy..." Mark Twain gave Mormonism the same treatment in his day. The truth will stand on it's own and continue to progress.

PhilMay 13, 2013

I heard the same broadcast and reacted with disappointment. It was a thinly veiled swipe and beneath Keillor's dignity. A "thick skin" is apparently part of "putting on the armor of God" for Latter-Day Saints. Make it a great day-I love you more!

Pauline PaulhusMay 13, 2013

I too was a fan of his-another program to cross off my list!

Clarke EcholsMay 13, 2013

I used to listen to Keillor but when I saw his left-oriented thinking, I lost interest. Now in the rare moments when I happen to hear NPR stations, I don't stay and listen. Why? Because 90% of the time, the program seems to come from some European source with all narratives sounding a British accent, as if Europe is superior to the US in intelligence and reasonableness. I don't support NPR, and I think they should be weaned of government funding. Let their intellectual audience pay for the content through their own personal contrubutions, not my tax dollars. Same goes for PBS TV. Let their supporters demonstrate their dedication to cultural and political "diversity" by showing their own suppport for causes they disagree with. Otherwise, don't make the rest of us pay for their entertainment.

Gene FullerMay 13, 2013

Religious liberty and freedom of expression cut both ways. Sounds to me as if he was really poking fun at the people who believe something he does not understand. Would you deny him that right?

ReginaMay 13, 2013

Thank you for standing up to that tall man for what is right. While living in MN for almost 14 years, I often listened to and enjoyed that program. He hasn't been well, so maybe he didn't even write this one himself? Nervous laughter from the audience? Whatever... If he spoke it, he owns it. Jacob 6 Wo, wo, wo to Wobegon! Publicity for us;-)

Harold RustMay 13, 2013

I, too, have been able to laugh with Keillor in the past when making fun of how different individuals act--whether it be President Bush talking about his vacations in Texas or finding a group of men in the middle of a small Utah town who collectively know a whole bunch of foreign languages--but I hadn't heard him cross the line. If he really did take it as far as it sounds, then I, too, with see him move down several notches on my list of worthwhile entertainment.



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