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April 11, 2021

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jimMay 23, 2013

IMO the deserted wife would prefer the run-away spouse had killed her in her sleep. The pain is beyond endurance.

MihaelMay 13, 2013

Although proponents often try to make it appear that same gender marriage is the only path to medical decision making, hospital visits, inheritance wishes, etc., in reality, such arrangements are available through Powers of Attorney, Wills and other legal means. Traditional marriage is motivated by love, in which partners join together to create a family and descendants. When legal aspects become a primary focus, the personal side of marriage is suppressed and it becomes a civil business partnership.

joyceMay 13, 2013

The definition of marriage is that between a man and a woman so even though gay people seem to understand the value of marriage, same sex marriage is not real marriage in that sense. I believe that if same sex marriage is made the law of the land it will diminish marriage as it is defined by God.

Jesse BrownMay 13, 2013

The ceremony is very important. It is where we make covenants and those covenants strengthen the commitment.

DonMay 13, 2013

Do not forget the legal reasons that the Gay couple want to marry. These range from the right to make medical decisions, visit in a hospital to distribution of property. All of us live in an automobile driven society, death may be just one intersection away.



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