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July 10, 2020

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KatieMay 7, 2013

A unique perspective on leadership I never thought about before.

JohnMay 6, 2013

Another great article! Thank you!

Brian RobinsonMay 5, 2013

Physical and Spiritual we know are inseparably connected, yet another example / explanation.

TerryMay 5, 2013

As a leader in various Church ad community roles I found this article stimulating and succinct. Just what I needed on a Monday morning. His perspective on the story of Abraham as an allegory for leadership is inspired. Thank you

richardMay 3, 2013

wonderful! Abraham would be pleased. your able light helps other lights shine forth The Light with in us all. blessings follow.... thank you!

ron wardMay 3, 2013

Great! the stuff I dream about, inspired for me ,thanks. love you.

darcyMay 3, 2013

Thank you for helping me see more clearly the benefits of leaders writing books. I know there are some that give all the proceeds to the church or the poor as did Hugh Nibley. I stand corrected. Very good article.

mary the hat ladyMay 2, 2013

I really liked this artical.... I always wondered about being sent into "outer darkness" too... I felt like when we go back to our place next to Kolob we will leave a black hole... this could be the "outer darkness" they spoke of?... do you think?



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