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May 11, 2021

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LucyJune 1, 2013

I love your articles!I realize I'm a bit late for this subject but didn't see this article until today. Ironic, huh? I almost snorted at the comment quoted by another reader that the material would "just take up brain space I would need for stuff I will use". I suspect something needs to fill all that empty space! I'm retired now, but still am so glad for (almost) all the classes that weren't part of my major. I wasn't the usual student, as I returned to college at 35. I loved it! I had so many fellow students ask me if the class we were in (be it english, history, math, geology, art or you-name-it) was part of my major because I got really involved in it. I was also "busy" as I had a husband, children and my elderly mother to take care of, so I think busy-ness is not an excuse. The ONLY reason I can see for skipping general ed classes is money - the amounts of student debt people are incuring is appalling! That makes a good case for vocation-specific training for the majority of today's students, and I think that is sad.BTW, when I get really stressed or behind in my projects, I still have occasional anxiety nightmares that the semester is over and I forgot all about a class I enrolled in, hadn't gone to, and hadn't taken any tests! Some old fears stick around to pop up at odd times.

linda ShannonApril 21, 2013

Oh, for goodness sake, if you can't do a few hours of homework in college, then don't go to college! That student represents the mindset of so many lazy kids these days.

Rea RaderApril 19, 2013

I am not a college student, but a parent and g-parent of several lwho have gone through the same thing, and have felt not only their frustrations, but the frustration of their parents who are trying to support and educate several children. To have their not so plentiful money be used for classes that are required before the student can take classes they really need for their major needs to change. Anyone in the 'hallowed halls' listening?

KentApril 17, 2013

I am a graduate from a well-known university and I agree with the statement "Not only will I never use it in my life, but it will just take up brain space for stuff that I will use." Students waste a lot of money and time because they are forced to take general education classes which have absolutely nothing to do with their major. It's time those classes be eliminated from the graduation requirements to reduce time and money toward graduation. I was not interested in western philosophy, music, sociology, etc. and have not used any of it since graduation. I would have rather spent more time learning what I was really interested in but couldn't because I didn't have the extra money or time because I had to waste time in those useless classes that did not contribute to my major. I think all students feel trapped, and feel the same way.

Matt PApril 17, 2013

I graduated in '07 from BYU and this general attitude in students is rather prevalent and seems to be expanding. I certainly was guilty of some of this mindset. It's unfortunate, but I think it's a natural consequence. If this student was taught to love learning and see education as more than merely a means, how might his/her attitude be different?



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