February 24, 2021

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LoniApril 16, 2013

The scriptures teach us: "To put on the whole armor of God." I don't think that means breastplates, swords, guns, knives, and satan's weapons of war and destruction. God is in control and trusting in Him does not mean that there are not 'trials' out there - - FOR ALL - - it means: "And should we die, before our journey's through - - happy day, ALL is well." God will and has shown the way, we must be brave enough to follow the direction of His leaders here in this fallen world.............................. Thanks Darla, great article ! Worth reading, and re - reading !

VirginiaApril 14, 2013

I don't usually leave comments, but today I wanted to let you know that your treatment of this not-so-new topic is incredible. Thank you for being so real. There is much in here that will bless my life. And it came at the perfect time. So, thank you as well for knowing just when to post it! In other words, being in tune with the spirit. Have a wonderful Sabbath.

SusApril 11, 2013

Thank you! I woke up this morning determined to let go of all of the frustration and disappointment I thought were caused by others. Then I read this article. It was written specifically for me today!

Les WoodApril 11, 2013

This article by Darla Isackson is just what I need to home teach several families who have taken a more militant position regarding the current growth of big government. It was a great "wake up" for me also, because I often found myself wondering "when" do I "push back", or when do I start buying bullets, or do I just "defend" my family against the possible "tyranny" that may come at the hands of an elected socialist dictator? We all know the answer, and that is for us to follow the Prophet. If he and only he through the grace of God should tell us otherwise, then we must continue to "love our enemies" and trust in the Lord for all of our protections.



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