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July 2, 2022

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SherylApril 13, 2013

Thank you for the time you took to write and research this article. I serve in the temple and love to have quotes like these to use in talks and for reference. Thanks!

CaryApril 5, 2013

Very insightful article that brought forth many excellent points about the Temple and "taking out" endowments. Many thanks! I am going to share this article! Living a couple hundred miles away from a temple, I am unable to attend frequently and so I find myself trying to "pick up where I left off" on the last visit and so find myself constantly starting over again. I feel that if I could attend more frequently, the starting over part would instead turn into reaching the next step and the next and the next and so on in my understanding and spiritual development there.

Janne SparrowApril 5, 2013

Thank you Brother Ogden for this beautiful message. I agree with you I think many who go to the Temple do not understand where they are or the precious gifts they can receive there.The Temple is most precious to me and as a convert I have worked very hard to find and bring to my ancestors the opportunity and blessing of the Temple. Thank you again for the joy you bring into my life through your writings.

ArdenApril 5, 2013

Great reminders as our group prepares to go from Saint Thomas to the Temple in Santo Domingo via Puerto Rico. Anyone who lives close to a Temple and does not attend frequently should try this route to gain greater appreciation of their opportunities!

Linda WestoverApril 5, 2013

As a temple ordinance worker I was thrilled to read this well-written article. It ought to be "required reading" for everyone who gets a recommend. Thank you !

JoApril 5, 2013

Thank you for this whole article. As a temple worker, I particularly appreciated the counsel about talking abd bringing worldly words and thoughts in to the House of the Lord. Would you consider writing a whole book concerning temples and temple worship . It would be appreciated.

BrendaApril 5, 2013

Wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much.

Barbara WinderApril 5, 2013

Beautiful summary and preparation for temple worship. Thank you very much.



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