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May 7, 2021

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KrisMarch 27, 2013

The world needs all the good we can find. If the new Pope is a force for good, I welcome his alliance.

BeckyMarch 21, 2013

To Hoops: The "church of the devil" isn't a church per se, but any organization that takes away from the teachings of God. "Elder Bruce R. McConkie explained that 'the titles church of the devil and great and abominable church are used to identify all churches or organizations of whatever name or nature--whether political, philosophical, educational, economic, social, fraternal, civic, or religious--which are designed to take men on a course that leads away from God and his laws and thus from salvation in the kingdom of God' (Mormon Doctrine, pp. 137-38). Any group that does good things for others is doing God's work. Pope Francis seems to be one who really has charity for everyone. A good model for anyone of any faith.

Penelope March 20, 2013

I totally agree with Brother Peterson. I just happened to turn on the TV while eating lunch and caught the moment of white smoke. I, too, was emotionally moved by the inaugural proceedings and took several photos of the screen to capture the historical occasion. I was educated in convents and had my Christian foundation in a Roman Catholic setting and appreciate that. I felt a spiritual confirmation, so to speak, of the blessing Pope Francis will be to the world and to the Catholic Church. With that many members worldwide he has the potential to be a huge boost to the Christian community - an influence that is sorely needed.

EveMarch 20, 2013

Like all the above I too watched all the preciding of the election of the New Pope, and was moved when I When I saw him on the balcony, a very humble son of our Heavenly Father. I said to myself He will do a lot for the Catholic

Arden March 17, 2013

To Hoops: No where in the Standard Works or from the pulpit has it ever been stated that the Catholic Church is Satan's church. Yes, people have written it and thought it but it is definitely not doctrine. Think of Satan's "church" as those individuals who are not truly serving God. They could be in any congregation any where in the world.

Aundrea RammelsbergMarch 17, 2013

I loved your article. I was a Catholic until converting to the LDS church. I watch in wonder and awe. I miss the pageantry of Catholicism but never doubt my conviction of joining the LDS church. The great news about Pope Francis - is the world needs good men and women to change the world for the better. The Pope for Catholics is a much a representation as it is a position. The Pope represents God at work among us. It is the same for Latter Day Saints. Having a Prophet is proof of God's love - the Prophet is God's representative on the earth - to care for his flock. We need more goodness - more examples like Pope Francis - a simple life dedicated to God and his Son Jesus Christ are more fulfilling ways to live than the things o the world. We can share in the "good things" and partake of his example of humility. I welcome this new Pope and like our author applaud his goodness! I hope we can learn all that is "praiseworthy" in him and our Catholic brothers and sisters.

jOSE GOMISMarch 17, 2013

It is not what is right for Tom, Dick, or Harry that makes it right or wrong but were Heavenly Father wants us to be and do with the knowldge that we have and that we know were He wants us to be and not follow men but His will once we have asked to know the true it will be given to us all. Just think what can happen it we strat to know all the truth as give to us by the spirit of God which is what makes us his srevents not so to Him but to our fellow men which is were His love wants us to be. My love and prayer go out to all reglious leaders that they get the spirit of love knowing that through brotherly love for each other is the only way to love God no matter what name we give Him or call Him by. Father has said in all His sricptures to love each and to teach the true that you know but always ask Him the only one that can tell you the truth as to what is right be it what you do each day or the relgion He wants you to follow!

BarbaraMarch 16, 2013

I agree with Brother Peterson's remarks. As I watched the great crowd of humanity in St Peters Square, I was reminded that they are all our Father's children. I think He did have an influence on who was chosen to look over them. Orson F. Whitney made this remark at the 1928 General Conference: "Perhaps the Lord needs such men on the outside of His Church to help it along. They are among its auxiliaries, and can do more good for the cause where the Lord has placed them, than anywhere else...Hence, some are drawn into the fold and receive a testimony of the truth, while others remain unconverted...the beauties and glories of the gospel being veiled temporaily from their veiw, for a wise purpose. The Lord will open their eyes in His own due time. God is using more than one people for the accomplishment of His great and marvelous work. The Latter-day Saints cannot do it all." I also think that the Lord knows many of His children will not accept the gospel and has appointed shepherds to watch over them. Our Father loves us all.

CandiceMarch 16, 2013

I have an "e-mail buddy" who is a Catholic nun and her comments about the new pope were almost identical to Brother Peterson's. I believe he will help lead the Catholic church toward the light of truth.

Don StrevelMarch 16, 2013

I was raised Catholic, joined the LDS Church, went on a Mission and returned to full participation in the Catholic faith. The love and appreciation from the LDS brothers and sisters is greatly appreciated. We, too, have our detractors, but Christ is the focus and the answer to all things. I was deeply touched by the openness and humility of the new Pontiff, the 266th. For him to share a warm hello and brothers and sisters comment as his first comment was touching. Even more was his humility in asking for Christs prayers from the people in the Basilica, then bowing to accept it as it was being offered. Many LDS do not understand the unbelievable act that that was. A Pope can have whatever he wants, act as he wishes, and gets the benefits of it, good or bad. For him to turn it down, to turn down a palacial residence, to ride the bus, to cook his own foos in an apartment...that is a human touv]ch that has kept his heart and mind in touch with the humans that are the body of Christ. He is a Jesuit, which are the lightening power Missionary energy in the Church. They are also the logical pragmatic lucid Spocks of the Church, if you will. We are 1.25 Billion and growing at 20-30 million a year, under the Jesuit style of missionary work. Working in Rome can be like walking in a mine field. You use the mind given and Pray to God that you do not step on a mine. You also command the scenario as well. Thanks to the good LDS friends that pray for the Popes actions to be always the best and directed by God and Jesus. That is so needed, and I personally thank you for it. :) Pax vobiscum, Don, Vegas

TomMarch 16, 2013

I was struck by the incongeuities of the scene. The military processions and bands, the cheering crowds (not unlike a soccer game), and the setting of a grand ornate palace. Then Francis was presented to the crowds,visibly uncomfortable. He appears to be a good and humble man who loves the Lord. He is serving Him in the best way he understands. Had he been exposed to the rest of the Restored Gospel, I'm sure he would have joyfully embraced it. Not all will be able to hear it in this life. I look forward to this good man serving as an example for good to 1.2 billion people while the Lord prepares for the Millennium. THEN all good and honorable men and women will have the opportunity to embrace His eternal truths.

Reader in New JerseyMarch 15, 2013

Re: comment from Barbara, Barbara, your comment was truly not necessary. Of course we believe all that you wrote, just that we converts who were raised Catholic, and all LDS members, can have a quiet reverence for another religion out of respect for those who do believe that religion. Having respect is different from actually believing in that religion. I truly appreciated Bro. Peterson's remarks regarding this new Pope.

HoopsMarch 15, 2013

Well, I am confused about this. I thought the Roman Catholic Church was Satan's Church talked about in Revelations? Because there are only two Churches The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and Satan's Church. Would someone enlighten me on this please.

YoMammasLDSMarch 15, 2013

I included the Cardinals when they were in conclave as well as Pope Francis I in my daily prayers. The Pope is such a beloved and venerated leader, it was very important (I think) for the Spirit of the Lord to help in both the selection and guidance of the new Pope. I was so pleased for the world's Catholics that the smoke billowed white in such a short time. I have also remembered the Pope Emeritis (is that right?), Benedict XVI and asked for him to experience a peace of mind and heart re: his decision to resign. My sister converted to Roman Catholicism when she married her husband. A more faithful Catholic would be hard to find; so I have an interest in the doings of her church. She will invite the missionaries in out of the weather, good or bad, and give them nourishment before she sends them on their way. The very least I can do is honor her church and its customs by including the Pope as well as her local priest, Father Joe, in my prayers.

BarbaraMarch 15, 2013

Let's not forget what the scriptures say. Let's not forget , the only "father" that we should revere, is God our Heavenly Father! Let's not forget in whose name we should pray, Jesus Christ & not his mother Mary. Let's not forget "by their fruits shall ye know them". And, let's not forget the only perfect and infallable person to come to this earth and walk the earth, was our Savior Jesus Christ. My intent is not to tear down another person's religion, but where much is given much is expected therefore as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I testify to all those who read this comment, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today. Although there is no pomp & ceremony, there is truth and light.

funmom7March 15, 2013

My husband and my mother and I all were touched by the sweet smile and humble attitude of this kind man. He will do much good for the Catholic people. I too believe that the Lord has a hand in directing all the religious leaders who truly seek Him.

Sally WilkinsMarch 15, 2013

just an aside re the name Francis perhaps Francis of Assisi, but could be Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuits :-)

Michael G. O'KeefeMarch 15, 2013

Brother Peterson,Thanks from Judy and I for your confirming our feelings and opinion on this historic event. We were somewhat leary of expressing to others how we felt on the occasion, but thanks to you we can express our thoughts to others.I was very impressed by his commitment to the poor and those who are down on their luck. We can't really appreciate what we have untill we see what others do not have. I admire The new Pope who stands firm for his values and will be a great example for the people. Thank for all you and you good wife do.

Dermot McCarthyMarch 15, 2013

Speaking as a Roman Catholic, I want to say how moved I was by Daniel C. Peterson

Robert SiskMarch 15, 2013

Several 'Popes' ago a fellow gave a talk at a fireside in our ward. He dodged his own topic for a few moments to express his admiration for the new Pope that had been chosen that day and said, "I don't want to say the Lord chose the Pope, but ..."On reflection I have to say of course the Lord chose the Pope. The Lord either chooses directly or allows all that are in leadership positions. The scriptures are clear on that.

CeciliaMarch 15, 2013

I wanted to thank you for your article. I am from Argentina and I

LeahMarch 15, 2013

Thank for this uplifting article. I, too, watched with interest and was moved to hear about him and his habits, He seems like the real deal.

DonMarch 15, 2013

I totally agree with you. I would add that the Catholic people over the ages have been great supporters of art and architecture. My wife and I have made two tours to Europe and the highlight of each was the visits to Cathedrals to see the beauty within and without their walls. Especially noteworthy a Cathedral devoted to wayfarers on the shores of Lake Boden and a small one in Brussels which we ducked into to get out of a rainstorm. The interior of the former was heavily laden with gold leafed carvings, the latter very dark walnut carvings. Beauty made by the best craftsmen to be viewed by generations of faithful.

Duane LawsMarch 15, 2013

I agree completely...congratulations to our Catholic friends..

Vaunda BarrusMarch 15, 2013

Bro. Peterson, I appreciate your descriptive words about this historic event and enthusiasm of the young and faithful Catholics. I too was touched watching the first words of Pope Francis. Thanks for sharing your perspective and encouragement to be positive towards this traditional faith.



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