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February 23, 2020

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Adrian MartinMarch 4, 2013

I have Type 2 diabetes. My father had it and so did both his parents! It's hereditary, not caused by lack of exercise, poor diet or over-eating. I eat sensibly, take my medication, have low Cholesterol, normal blood pressure, and am regular weight.

Sue WinmillMarch 4, 2013

I've had Type 2 diabetes since 1996. Felt it was a death sentence! I have been studying about reversing diabetes for several years. I lost 30 pounds using HCG and was able to get off most of my diabetes medications, however, I couldn't keep it up and now I realize I am a food addict, so I am in a 12-step program and lost 50 pounds in six months and am keeping it off for eight more months. My doctor says when I lose 40 more pounds I will no longer have diabetes! I am abstinent from sugar, flour, white potatoes and white rice, and I avoid artificial sweeteners and packaged products. For me, they are addictive and cause cravings and only turning this over to my Savior with the help of my support groups rescues me from the wiles of conspiring men who aim to keep us wanting more and more of foods which are not good for us. And I think the medical community and pharmacy companies want us to believe that we can eat unhealthy things and thus perpetuate our poor health, requiring more and more medications. There are natural solutions and alternatives!

KarenFebruary 26, 2013

This article doesn't seem to get past the superficial perspective of the disease. Just a few specific comments... limiting fruit is important because it contains sugar (even if it is natural), and if eaten excessively, will spike your body's blood sugar levels. It is certainly a far better choice than juice, even fresh squeezed, because it contains fiber which helps balance the absorption rate of the sugar. Also, it should be mentioned that eating grains is similar to eating whole fruit. If you strip the grains of the fiber and other nutrients it isn't a whole, or natural, food anymore, and will cause problems with digestion and blood sugar. Starches should not be eaten with proteins because the digestive enzymes needed to break them down conflict with each other. The way we combine food is important. Even combining highly sweet fruits with highly acidic fruits can hamper digestion. There are a lot of good books on nutrition out there. It would be wise to avoid the superficial, semi-informed, and watered down advice that is plastered all over mainstream "health" magazines, etc. Trends and fads are not helpful. True knowledge is what helps us make the right changes to become more healthy. And a last note, many people are not able to digest grains, due to a variety of factors, so just because a food is "whole" or "natural" does not make it good for every person. But there are many things that can be done with nutrition to get poor digestion back on track. It takes patience, time, and dedication.

jeanetteFebruary 25, 2013

Have you read Wheat Belly? Your eyes will be opened!



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