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September 28, 2021

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JeffFebruary 19, 2013

I highly commend the author for taking his Troop to the Klondike Derby!! But I also agree with James F. (above) that the boys need to learn to do their own cooking, etc., as Patrols. And I strongly chastise T.J. (the stake prez, above) for cancelling this program in his stake. I absolutely concur with "Grandma Dot", above. Shame on you, TJ, for taking away this incredible program from the boys in your stake. If they were miserable at the KD, you DON'T cowar-out and pull the plug on Klondike the next year! Conversely.... you BEEF-UP THE PROGRAM AND RUN SCOUTING THE RIGHT WAY, as authorized by the Savior!! You spend that next year TEACHING those boys the outdoor and Scouting skills they need, and you hold fundraisers to help the YM buy the proper equipment they need to be safe and comfortable. Then they will receive the blessings of the Scouting program that the Lord intended for them! Kris (above): As I also said for the author of the article, I commend your husband for actually taking his Scouts to the KD. KUDOS!!!! But.... there were tremendous lessons missed by taking them in a warm car to buy burgers the next morning. That's NOT the "Scouting way"!! These boys who are being "pampered" nowadays are many of the ones who won't leave home to serve missions, or who come home early from missions because they can't handle being away from home and their Wii Games.

KrisFebruary 15, 2013

My husband put his scouts in the warm car, drove them to town and got hamburgers at 6:30 a.m. The kids still talk about it.

Grandma DotFebruary 13, 2013

Having participated as a Blazer Patrol leader many years ago and the wife of a Scout master and raised thee boys in Scouting, I am a shamed of you, Brother Johnson. Just because your boys did not have what they needed or like the Klodyke Durbey, you denied others the experence. By the way a little missery goes a long way in teaching boys to be prepared.

Tom JohnsonFebruary 13, 2013

When I moved to Illinois, the gung-ho Scout leaders were way into the "Klondyke Derby." It worked O.K., for the Scouts who had all the right equipment, but my boys from the inner-city of Chicago were miserable, making it very hard for me to get them excited about Scouting. As soon as I became stake president we canceled the Klondyke Derby as a stake event.

James FranciscoFebruary 13, 2013

As a BSA trainer, I've got to ask why you aren't having your scouts cook by patrols? Yes, the first couple of times they may be disappointed in the meals. But, with a little coaching, they catch on pretty fast. With the cooking merit badge becoming a required merit badge for Eagle next year, scoutmasters need to get into the mode of letting boys fend for themselves.



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