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July 10, 2020

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Jeannette EdwardsApril 28, 2015

Chris, thank you for your comment! Whether it is tied to ministering of angels or not, it is definitely tied to faith and is a beautiful explanation at that! I have been impressed to do this a few times recently needed to share with someone how and wasn't certain how to explain to why we raise our hand to the square when doing such things when she asked. This was perfect! Thank you!

Chris HannanMarch 17, 2014

I was looking for further information with regard to the Ministering of Angels and wonder if someone could comment on the following: In the Temple we are taught the Signs and Tokens of the Aaronic Priesthood which includes the raising of the right arm and during the Presentation of the Endowment we see that Peter raised his right arm to the square and commanded satan to depart in the name of Jesus Christ. It is my understanding that part of the "Ministering of Angels" includes having the faith to raise the right arm to the square (male or female) and in the name of Jesus Christ, taking command of certain situations according to faith and the knowledge that this action is associated with the "Ministering of Angels". For example I recall some missionaries who had a ferocious dog come charging at them whilst out knocking on doors. One of the missionaries (a Polynesian elder), raised his arm to the square and in the name of Jesus Christ commanded the dog "to be still". It turned on its heels and retreated much to the amazement of the missionary's companion who had never heard or seen such a thing and was totally blown away. It was he who recalled to me what had happened. I was aware of this action and always understood it to be an act associated with the "Ministering of Angels", and is why it is included in the presentation of the Endowment - so that "we may be endowed with power from on high". It is also my understanding that this act can be performed in faith by male or female, and I remember an occasion when my own mother raised her right arm to the square and commanded the ocean to be still and it was. Do I have a correct understanding of this act and its connection to the "Ministering of Angels"?



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