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Rhodes Rolls - Makes great slider buns!

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May 23, 2022

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JanetApril 23, 2013

Mariah, I grew up in Provo, and take it from me - you need to get off campus and see the rest of the area! Get a friend or more and go for a drive around the lake, or up South Fork of Provo Canyon to the Girl Scout camp, or up over the Timp loop and discover all the amazing side trails and picnic areas, or drive up to the Heber Valley and do some exploratory driving on side roads. In Provo, check out the history of the town with it's old stores made into new ones, and the other buildings and homes and their history. Go on hikes up the canyon trails, go to some of the community theater and cultural events, and get to know the people of Provo. It really is a neat town other than BYU ! There is much to do and enjoy if you look. Get off campus! I loved growing up in Provo. It's a great town.



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