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June 26, 2022

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StevenFebruary 28, 2014

i've i never heard of meridan but dreamed of an alien visiting us and i asked him where is he from and he said MERIDIAN so i googled IS MERIDIAN FROM OUTER SPACE? and your website appeared hmmm

Franco PeraltaSeptember 9, 2013

Que interesante art

kyleApril 25, 2013

I was raised lds and have always wondered about those scriptures and iv come up with theory on "the greys" as ppl have called begun to call these "aliens". And again its just a theory and its out there so bear with me. There have been many scientists experimenting with genetics and its starting to become a major area of study and there are many of them, and many people for that matter, that have lost faith or were raised to believe there is no god. Heres where my theory comes in. What if one of these worlds lost faith in god and focused solely on scientefic advancement. What if it got to the point where they geneticaly altered themselves for some reasons unknown and over time due to genetic minipulation their features have changed to match what many people have claimed to see. Again just a theory and im not trying to offend anyone, just read this and thought about something thats been on my mind.



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