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June 26, 2022

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Billy BattsonAugust 13, 2014

I LOVE IT!!!! Im competing in Natural History Day and this will be used as a source for me. I'm doing Joseph Smith and the theme is leadership and legacy, i like how you show both sides not just like, Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and so on. You were more like Joseph Smith did this and that and claimed to be a true prophet of God. That just makes it easier to introduce both sides. Its 2 websites in one in my opinion. Joseph Smith is just a character who shows so much leadership and has left a great legacy. I don' want to have to look up all that anti mormon crap. That is what yours helps with. You're not saying anything anti mormon but you're not saying anything about it to be true either. That way you put in 2 sides to the story not just one side to it. His plans for zion are amazing. I will most likely use those pictures in my final project. I am stuck on doing a website or an exhibit. They both have their pros and cons in them but i will most likely do a website. Which one do you think I should do? Which one best shows Joseph Smith in it. I'm probably doing a website. I want to make it to state possibly nationals this year, and this is the best shot I've got with such an easy theme. My teacher requires 3 interviews and I will have to interview one person my self and 2 others can be from youtube or something. I am a mormon so it will be easy to get even 5. Bishop, Stake President, Other wards Bishops, and so on. Do you have a strong interest in this topic or are you a mormon, or both. I hope you make more websites. I want to read them and see how good they are. Probably just as good as this one. Some topics you might want to do are very famous mormon topics because mormons are the only ones who really read this because nobody else would be interseted. GTG BYA



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