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May 11, 2021

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JemaSeptember 9, 2013

Interesting article. Some good points I didn't think about before. I came across and read Leslie Householder's book recently : "The Jackrabbit Factor". It had a great impact on me-- all about the power of our thoughts, how God created a world of abundance for us and that it's up to us if we want to live outside of the mold. Interesting. Would compliment and add to the book "Think and Grow Rich".

DaveSeptember 5, 2013

My starting with a judgment is not best, but it's a nice one. You write openly and thoughtfully. And you seem to have much of your great parents in you. I, too, would add a suggestion for book to look at (for anyone), maybe to balance the Think and Grow Rich suggestion: A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness, by Gene Edwards. Also very good about re-evaluating our thoughts, experiences and, more importantly, God's role therein. May you (and we all) stay as connected there as we should be. Keep thinking and writing.

BethSeptember 4, 2013

Fabulous!!! Thank you!! So grateful God has ALL truth. That gives me peace. Going to Him for guidance when truth is in question has blessed me over and over again. Great read!!

NDHiattSeptember 3, 2013

The lies that we believe to be truths are from Satan, the father of lies. Part of the test is if we will recognize the lies and if we will believe them.

DianeSeptember 3, 2013

This always makes me think about church members who say that being overweight is a violation of the Word of Wisdom. Yet, they can never point to a single scripture that says "Thou shalt not weigh more than xxx pounds." My struggle with weight is very personal, and does not define my righteousness. After all, I know many general authorities who have the same physical weakness. We are all children of God, and he loves us unconditionally.

FritzSeptember 2, 2013

I enjoyed your article Mariah. May I suggest a book? It is entitled "Think and Grow Rich". That may not sound apropos to anything at the moment but the principle discussed has applications in all facets of life. Similar the the statement "You are what you eat" we are also that which we think. God has blessed us all with an extremely powerful tool,...the human mind. You can be that which you think you are. Google the title, it is out there in pdf format for free download. Keep up the great writing .... F



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