February 28, 2021

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EmilyMarch 20, 2018

To the previous comment from January of this year, ilook up the Jaredites and also if you go to lds.org you can find a digital copy of the Book of Mormon or better yet download the LDS gospel library. The jaredites came across much earlier at the time of the biblical Tower of Babel.

FloydJanuary 17, 2018

What about the scripture that speaks of the vessel where i was carried under the water and was stagnated under the water for some time and they had this object that gave off light while under the water? It describes how it was made also, i read it but lost the Book of Mormon so i cannot find it written on the net now.

Miles MooreDecember 15, 2017

Come on, really they sail all the way across the Indian Ocean, then all the way across the Pacific and you think they could not take time to write. Really. The answer to this simple... many days means many days, under a year. Anytime times are recorded in the BoM and Bible any time, time is noted over a year, they say so by saying "a year and thus, etc." Only way they could sail many days to the promise land is via the Atlantic.

WillApril 23, 2014

Interesting conjecture as to how Lehi and family could have made the journey. One question, what modern day country became the land of the Nephites? Where is Bountiful located in the New World?



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