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September 28, 2021

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Enn EfceeApril 21, 2021

To the bishop whose comments tend to glorify the husband through making excuses that he has a bad habit rather than an addiction problem, perhaps he needs to educate himself on what constitutes a sexual addiction and how the brain is adversely affected by pornography, in order to counsel both wife and husband in that situation. His never having been on the receiving end of the lies, abuse, broken trust and disrespect a wife is dealt, he can’t possibly know or understand the damage and havoc those behaviors wreak on a woman’s self respect, worth and trust. It truly is a traumatic and far-reaching experience that takes thoughtful and delicate help in order to achieve proper healing. It is a very evil, ugly component in a marriage which can and will totally destroy without proper counsel and follow through. And yes, it is a sin next to murder—it murders the spirit and the Eternal covenant of marriage if not addressed and eradicated.

Oliver JApril 20, 2021

My personal observations (plural) when Bishop, High Council, and other leadership- Husbands tend to forgive their wives; Wives turn to multi-year husband contempt, making severely defeated/empty priesthood holders. Again, just many unscientific views from good flock shepherding. Honestly, I think addiction is a poor word for compulsion or habit... and sins contrary to Law of Chastity aren't the sin next to murder (which sex crime is).



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