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May 30, 2023

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Mrs. Noah FenceApril 27, 2021

We have to remember that Heavenly Father does NOT interfere with man's/woman's/children's free agency to choose. When they abuse us, or trials prevail over us, or accidents happen that take away a life, it has nothing to do with Heavenly Father "making" it happen. The individual's choice was there, and they chose. Then the consequences of their choice follows, no matter who it affects, or how many it affects. BUT...He is right there with us, before it, through it and after it. That is WHY we CAN trust Him. Great article! We have to remember the City of Enoch--completely and totally anti-gospel, but then totally and completely turned themselves around and became SO strong in their faith/trust/actions of living it, they were taken into Heaven! That's what we all need to be focusing on and doing in order to establish the City of Zion! Stop treating ward members (and non-ward) like criminals and apostates over masks and vax because it "appears" they aren't following the Prophet and the medical profession. We've been through this before, many times since 1830ish, without the intensity of the past year's events changing our life styles and economy in modern-day times, but we've always bounced back before. We've got the unity and anti-discrimination going in the right direction, so let's not let Satan destroy what we're building.

Helga SilskiApril 24, 2021

Throughout our life we experience so many different layers of understanding. Our individual and intellectual growth and development changes our perspectives, it is just little by little or one by one we come to comprehend purity and truth that will lead us eventually to the throne of God and with Christ's help of polishing us only will we make it. Faith and complete trust in God is the finest act of complete love and total surrender. Thank you Brother Peterson, always admire and love your messages and perspective.

RaLee HallApril 22, 2021

Amen! Thank you for sharing your insights.

JanessaApril 21, 2021

My husband really needs this. I do too, because don’t all?? Thank you for saying what many cannot articulate. Your words are a brilliant reminder of how God continuously gives and gives and gives some more when we honestly and earnestly seek Him. Thank you!’

Jill PalmerApril 20, 2021

Thank you so much Brother Peterson. I always admire your insightful writings, common sense and faithfulness to the Gospel.

Heather RiemanApril 20, 2021

Thank you for your insights. I too was drawn to President Nelson's talk. I am intrigued by another word for faith being trust. My mortal life experiences of bullying, emotional abuse, infidelity, and personal failure has led to a profound lack of trust. Yet, through it all the Lord has taken care of my every need and has been closest in the darkest of times. Knowing this you would think giving Him my trust would be an easy thing. It isn't. Over the last year I have pondered this issue in my life. I have tearfully prayed about it. I have made it a matter of study. And one tiny step at a time the Lord is revealing His love, mercy, and grace in my life. I have taken President Nelson's counsel seriously and hope over the next year to either climb the mountain of distrust, with the helping hand of the Lord, or have the mountain removed entirely. Whatever happens I am putting my trust in Him to heal me from the consequences of every mortal experience which destroyed my trust in people, myself, and Him.

Gary AndersonApril 20, 2021

Thanks Brother Peterson!

RebeccaApril 20, 2021

Thank you for this insight.

Maryann TaylorApril 20, 2021

I cannot even begin to express how needful this article is for me at this particular time in my life. I am committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to His church, and I have a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, I recently watched a podcast by a well known speaker and author regarding alleged events in early church history that shook me to the core. It addressed a subject that has always been painful for me, and I was vulnerable to the speaker's comments, which planted doubts into my mind regarding certain issues. This has been a time of tears and unanswered questions and your article has helped me greatly. I, too, was especially impressed during conference in President Nelson's counsel to CHOOSE to believe. Thank you so much for your inspired words. You have helped me more than you will ever know.

Steven SwarthoutApril 20, 2021

Nicely said. Thanks

HelenApril 20, 2021

Thank for clarifying such a beautiful doctrine as taught by the Prophet. It gave me pause then and does so again, now. I find myself astonished at how little I exercise the faith I claim to have, particularly as “a principle of power”.

PattieApril 20, 2021

This IS our time to learn to exercise faith. We learned to exercise faith as a child when we learned to walk, ride a bike, swim, and trust in our parents. It is the same principle to learn trust in faith in God the Eternal Father and his son Jesus Christ. It takes faith to repent from our sins that have plagued us for years and recognize we can do better. Our prophet has been our stalwart leader to help us repent and choose to have faith. Thank you for your insights and poignant view that helps me remember my dedication to my Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Mark DonaldsonApril 20, 2021

Well said! Thank You!



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