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April 13, 2021

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Corey D.April 11, 2021

Well written and well said and I agree, courageous from someone as young as he. I am about to retire after 42 years at the 2nd largest defense and aerospace contractor in the nation. Just before Christmas my coworker who is a young returned missionary was on the company Intranet said to me "come look at this", somewhat hidden in the announcements for the day was a corporate policy stating that they would no longer be hiring from BYU because BYU did not foster a climate of being supportive of LGBTQ+ rights, policies and teachings. We have not been able to find that since so possibly it was deleted, there are a number of executive positions at my division that are held by people who are BYU graduates and hopefully they stood up to that. Our church leaders and others not of our faith have warned about what has been going on in academia, particularly at the university level for many years. All that is now coming into play but the real danger is that corporate America has become part of that and when you yield influence over peoples jobs, their livelihoods, how they support their families you have real power.

Donna MaxApril 9, 2021

Wow - I am so impressed with this article and with all of you who responded upholding righteous principles.! Its people like you who give uks all hope that there are truly others out there who are willing to actually speak out against wickedness and perversion and put your names to it!! God bless you al!l

Gary LawrenceApril 8, 2021

Well done. Stay strong.

Jon SpencerApril 8, 2021

This is an articulate and well written article.  The LGBTQ+ group gains adherents by scooping up those who lack self confidence, are lonely and who feel, rightly or wrongly, that they exist in a different world than the rest of their group (in this case, BYU students).  I don't think these new members actually believe the rhetoric that their leader espouses, but they go along because they are now members of a gang where they feel welcomed.  The Marxist groups in America (including at least one major political party) seek to separate people into victim groups, because while in one of these groups, in one of these gangs, individuals can be indoctrinated, can be controlled. So, is Jesus indeed transgender?  That statement is so insipid, so devoid of any rational arguments, it makes reason stare.  Do all members of the BYU LGBTQ+ gang really believe this?  I sincerely doubt it.  And this is the hook by which some, maybe many, of the "victims" can be brought back to reality, and into fellowship with the rest of the campus.  This approach is nothing more than servant fellowshipping and ministering by the rest of the campus.  The goal of the BYU campus should be to become one with each other (and that goes for every community).I pray that every member of the BYU community will seek to find common  ground with every other member of that community.

Anna G PowellApril 8, 2021

Thank you for writing this.

Lisa M CroftApril 8, 2021

Thank you for your courage to speak up. I’m concerned how Satan’s plan of forced compliance with virtue signaling movements has permeated BYU. You may add Professor Ryan Gabriel’s speech at BYU and his introduction of critical race theory to the list of BYU Marxist movements. Professor Gabriel proposes that I am sinful because I am white and deserve to pay for the sins of people I never knew and to whom I am not related. Alternatively, my ancestors fought against slavery. America’s “original sin” of slavery is to be heaped upon my shoulders because I was born white. This, while BYU won’t allow a pro-life club on campus because it would be “too divisive.” I am saddened at how President Worthen passively allows atheist doctrine to permeate the campus.

Andrew J, CurrieApril 8, 2021

I don't know what is going on at BYU, but to understand something is seriously awry one only need to read Elder Ezra Taft Benson's General Conference address of 4 Apr 1969 "To the Humble Followers of Christ". Among several grave warnings about post high school education, he said, "The precepts of man have gone so far in subverting our educational system that in many cases a higher degree today, in the so called social sciences, can be tantamount to a major investment in error..... President Joseph F. Smith was right when he said that false educational ideas would be one of the three threats to the Church from within." As noted recently in the local news, a 26 year old BYU senior was arrested for several molestations on Campus. At the time I wondered why the Church was underwriting the education of a 26 year old undergraduate! If he graduated from high school at 18, served a two-year mission, and took five years to get a bachelors degree, he'd only be 25. Instead, we are paying to continue the education of a 26 year old pervert? Is something seriously wrong at BYU? Elder Benson further observes: "Now hear this test proposed by President George Q. Cannon: If the breach is daily widening between ourselves and the world...we may be assured that our progress is certain, however slow. On the opposite hand, if our feelings and affections, our appetites and desires, are in unison with the world around us and freely fraternize with them...we should do well to examine ourselves." Today we have on BYU an LGBTQ+ proudly advocating other than seeking the Lord's help in changing? Elder Benson concludes by saying, "To repeat again from the Book of Mormon, "...they have all gone astray, save it be a few, who are the humble followers of Christ; nevertheless, they are led, that in many instances they do err because they are taught by the precepts of men.(2 Ne 28:14)."

Harold RustApril 8, 2021

I appreciate your willingness to discuss the ramifications of a general tendency for even our own grandchildren who want to be "kind and understanding" of those who are different. After all, that trait of compassion is at the heart of being a member of the Church. Consequently, if we speak out against someone or some group who "claim" they are being charitable we can be looked down upon. However, giving in to someone else's demands is often not charitable if what they seek counters basic freedoms or goodness for others. I have learned through all this the value of basing all my conversations with grandchildren on fundamental truths and objective goals which they can agree to. That way when we talk specifics about the purpose of a particular "peaceful protest" of the posting of signs that basically say "I respect science and so don't you dare say anything against my view of whether a man is a woman or factors besides carbon dioxide influence climate." When they understand the basic truth, then they are generally open to hear concerns about why someone who is demanding compassion might really be demanding subservience to their ideas instead.

ShaunaApril 8, 2021

Good for you Sheaums. I am a BYU alum with a daughter there now and one admitted for next year. Ironically, about 30 years ago, while pursuing a Master degree in English at BYU, I learned about postmodernism, Marxism etc. as part of literary theory criticism. I worked on a Ph.D. elsewhere, where I learned more--including some Gay Studies theories. It is absolutely stunning and horrifying to me, to see that these "theories" are now driving public policy and have become widely accepted as "truth." They are ideologies with a capital "I" and need to be dissected, examined and rebutted like every other theory out there. I read about the lighting of the "Y" but was not familiar with the social media comments of it's leader etc. From his tone, it seems he's headed for a fall, as we all are when we become puffed up with pride. I pray for you, my daughter, and all BYU students who are seeking a broad based education within the context of the Gospel, that you'll be able to get an education that aligns you with the mission of the Lord's Church. Thanks for being bold in standing for truth and righteousness

A. BinghamApril 8, 2021

This article highlights the massive brainwashing campaigns that Americans are being subjected to in which Satan so craftily orchestrates. This is also a call to the importance of staying spiritually in tune. We need to pay much more attention to the little personal warnings and promptings that come to us and our children through the spirit if we are going to raise up a new generation worthy of the blessings of continued liberty. And if we can't turn around a majority of people, which is unlikely given their downward moral trajectory, at least we must be prepared to raise up a remnant of righteous people willing to stand together and resist what is coming. So many people and institutions have succumbed to this brainwashing, political correctness, and rarely take a stand anymore on the core issues that are causing this precipitous decline in morality and enlightenment in America. More and more of us are 'awakening to the awfulness of our situation'. As a graduate of BYU, I continually shake my head in disbelief and with increasing sadness at the path the institution is taking. Being in tune with Still Small Voice of Conscience is ever so critical in these times.

AnneApril 8, 2021

Very astute observations articulated by a brave young man. Let’s hope he won’t incur the wrath of the mob for speaking truth. Kindness and compassion do not have to be used as a disguise for Marxism.

Leah Jane BrowerApril 8, 2021

Thank you for this timely article. You have articulated the uneasy feelings many of us have but are increasingly afraid to express for fear of being labeled intolerant. There will probably be responses challenging you, but I for one appreciate your refreshing frankness.

MelanieApril 8, 2021

Thank you for your courage to bring our attention to this. I have seen this coming to BYU over the years, and sometimes even among LDS congregations--a buyin to liberal, marxist culture under the guise of love.

LoraApril 8, 2021

I'm a grandmother who is actually afraid of what my grandchildren will be learning at American universities in the last days. I've seen them go from places where free speech is encouraged to places where only one viewpoint is tolerated and all others are considered evil and dangerous. I remember when the Marxists were willing to brainwash our youth for free. Now we get to pay for the privilege. Sending your son or daughter to college now is playing Russian roulette with their values. I hope that BYU can resist this trend.

Marcia AndersonApril 8, 2021

Bravo for your well-researched thoughts and analysis. I too have faith that BYU (my school decades ago) will not lose its “lighthouse in the storm” status over all this going on as you so eloquently describe.

Michael DenisonApril 8, 2021

Thank you for posting this. While I have never struggled with feelings of homosexual attraction or other letters in the LGBTQ+ etc, I do know the feelings of being ostracized all too well, and some of my closest friends wear the neon-rainbow. I suppose I exist on "both sides" of this issue, and I hope that I can reconcile the two, pointing to what is right and true.

Bruce ForbesApril 8, 2021

Well said; thank you for writing.



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