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April 13, 2021

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Russell HembrowApril 6, 2021

I am happy to accept the word of a Prophet and celebrate April 6th, whether it was exactly 1830 years to the day is not of any consequence to me though, I am happy with April 6th; but did you know 'Our Calendars Skipped 11 Days in 1752'. Yes, that is right, Six and a half million Britons went to bed on September 2, 1752 and woke up on September 14. The reason? The Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750, you don't believe me, just 'Google' it; we did it to catch up with Europe who for hundreds of years had already caught up their callender, Only Russia remained behind and fixed it by skipping days in 1918. So, it is a bit moot in my opinion, it also means the Sabbath is not really on the Sabbath if you are stickler for 7 days, but we can celebrate Christ's Atonement on any day, can't we?

Wes BrewerApril 6, 2021

I like President Nelson stating the "likelihood" of Christ's birth but not declaring it as for certain and absolute. The D&C scripture as I read it is not specific enough to declare that day as Christs birthday, but referencing the general year known and accepted by mankind. This is a good example of a revelation coming through men with limited knowledge and that limitation being included in revelations. It does look like April 6th is a "commemorative date" but I am not seeing a certainty enough through scripture or prophetic revelations to draw that Christs birthday is on April 6th. I'm not seeing that any of the prophets are confirming it is that date. There comments seem more "general reference of dates.." To me, this idea of April 6th seems more plausible but isn't at this time doctrinal. Which I think is what the author is exploring.. maybe I'm seeing this wrong.. ?

Calvni GarvinApril 6, 2021

Being a fan of history, read/learned (forget where) that if you were an early Christian and celebrated Christ's birth on his actual birthdate, the Romans would send you to the Circus (kill you). But during the Feast of Saturnalia, which was the last two weeks of December, you could openly celebrate Christ and the Romans wouldn't bother you. Thus Christmas evolved into Dec 25th. To celebrate otherwise makes you a fool, the orgins of April Fool.

Melissa FeldApril 6, 2021

Jesus most likely was born in the spring, since that is when Shepherds gathered sheep. However, D & C 20: 1 was originally a preface written by Joseph Smith's scribe Oliver Cowdery; it was later added as verse one in D & C 20. And "the day of our Lord" was a formal way of saying what year it was. It could have been the day Jesus was born, but we cannot conclude for sure that it was, since it wasn't dictated by Joseph Smith directly.

Joan LeachApril 6, 2021

An ancient stele in Central America gives Christ’s birthdate as April 6. My former bishop, David Handy, and his brother annually search the jungle ruins and he presents slides and a talk about their explorations. Bishop Handy is an attorney in Orem.

Joan LeachApril 6, 2021

David Handy and his brother can show you the photos of a stele in Guatemala dating hundreds of years old that give Christ’s birth date—as April 6. My former bishop and an attorney in Soren, these brothers have for years searched the jungle ruins in Central America every summer. I’ve watched Bishop Handy’s presentation twice and have come away in awe both times. I especially love the one that shows three “picture representations” of God with the one picturing the Holy Ghost as blank!

Harvey HiggsApril 5, 2021

I read articles similar to this article and find the research interesting. However whether Christ was born in December or April makes little or no difference compared to the fact that Christ was born and died for our sins.



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