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April 13, 2021

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Bonnie HamiltonApril 9, 2021

I, too, wonder what diet is best to avoid AD. I've always thought the Keto Diet to be unhealthy with it's concentration on animal products, especially fat and its avoidance of healthy fruit, vegatables and whole grains. It seems like it's the opposite of a Word of Wisdom diet. (Please understand I'm not criticizing tor judging those who think it's wonderful.). I mostly follow a whole food plant based diet, but, since I love a good dessert, I think I eat too much sugar. Is sugar the real culprit here? If so, for sake of brain health as I age, I can cut out sugar!

LexaGraemeApril 7, 2021

My mother's neurologist recommends a plant-based diet. He has been saying this for the four years she has been seeing him. He understands that not everyone can follow this, but recommends low-fat cheese, minimal pasta (his family would rebel if that got cut out) and sugar.

Yvonne AstonApril 6, 2021

Interesting study. If this hypothesis is correct then eating to prevent brain malfunction needs to start early on in life.

WhatToEat?April 5, 2021

Based on this, what kind of a diet should be recommended for those who have a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's?

KathyApril 5, 2021

This is really fascinating to me, because a couple of my grandparents had AD before their death. What's your bottom line for prevention and reversal? Will your recommendations also improve brain clarity and function?



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