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February 21, 2024

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JenApril 3, 2021

I feel a major theme was anti-racism am quite disappointed you did. It mention that at all. That is much more specific than just unity. The prophet gave us a call to lead out against prejudice and racism... and his talk was not the only talk to address it.

Matthew GlosengerApril 2, 2021

Please keep the personal political agendas out of this space. Many members of the church DO NOT agree that racism was any part of the riots. You saying it was, doesn’t make it a reality. At NO time, from ANY speaker, did we hear counsel on the riots and racism. The messages of unity would have been completely nullified had they connected actions to motivations. Using the term “racism” automatically separates groups into value positions of being “LESS THAN”. We should shun that word as deeply as we shun any position that classifies Gods Children, collectively, as being less worthy.



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