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April 13, 2021

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TiffinyApril 12, 2021

Mine also said the email was invalid. I had used the auto. I typed it in manually and it worked. I hope this helps.

Cleve AlldredgeApril 4, 2021

I tried to leave my email for the app, but it said its not valid.

Lana JohnsonApril 2, 2021

The new app says my email is invalid so please please please sign me up!!!!!

ShariApril 2, 2021

Is thus app available for android? I am having issues signing up for it.

David R JacksonApril 2, 2021

Will I be able to add it to my iphone via a download from the Apple istore?

Christy RutherfordApril 1, 2021

When I attempt to sign up for the app, I get a message when I put in my email address that says, "email" is not a valid email address, even though I am putting in my regular gmail address.

Joyce TerryApril 1, 2021

Your app is saying my email address is not valid

Mary HillApril 1, 2021

FYI - the app is not appearing yet in the App Store. The Meridian app that is there is Meridiani Magazine which is NOT what we are looking forward to getting.



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