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May 16, 2022

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ScottHMarch 30, 2021

Good food for thought. I am fine with people having differing ideas and opinions, even on serious issues. I become concerned when people begin using coercive measures to attempt to force those with whom they disagree to behave as they demand.

southern mamaMarch 30, 2021

Our own family is being torn apart by the divisive and polarizing politics of the day. Our adult children have called us white supremacists and have told us they are ashamed of us--and our only "crime" was voting differently for president than they did. We stopped discussing politics or any other potentially controversial subjects for years before this election, knowing that there could be disagreements. There was no discussion or warning--when the terrible events happened at our nation's capital in January, we were somehow responsible in their view. We weren't even there and have never condoned or supported any kind of violence! We are devastated by the breakdown of our family--and these are temple recommend holding adults who have done this!! We pray daily for hearts to be softened and that our relationships can somehow heal. I am praying daily that the brethren will address the contention and evil tearing everyone apart.



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