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February 8, 2023

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Helga SilskiApril 1, 2021

Dear friends, let us not knock Facebook or other Social Platforms, if we add what we know to be true, sharing our testimony born by the Holy Spirit, then even there truth and beauty can be found. The Spirit will always lead the honest in heart to see, hear, understand what is truth. We must be selective yes, but it also is up to us to present the positive and good for better understanding and clarity to the masses.

Mary-Rose McMullinMarch 31, 2021

I always smile when science catches up with revelation! I'm looking forward to your articles.

Linnell FowersMarch 30, 2021

Yay! Thanks:) I’m a family studies major and although I’m not employed in the field, I love it. I’m excited to hear about good research backing Gospel principles.


I was going to suggest you provide us with examples on how popular culture can be misleading when it comes to solving marital relationship issues, and I am looking forward to reading your inspired advice. Always very grateful having you sharing your wisdom and experience with the Latter-Day Saint community.

Kathy SandersMarch 30, 2021

I look forward very much to reading your articles on this subject. I am constantly amazed (I shouldn't be) at how eternal principles and truth always shine through any field of research or endeavor if we keep the foundational truths in the scriptures as the base camp. Thank you for all your articles.

Kerri DavenportMarch 30, 2021

Thank you for inviting readers to what looks to be an exciting study!

Blake GarsideMarch 30, 2021

Unfortunately, the Source for many has become Facebook, Google and other Social Platforms, etc. How about the New Mormon Google being LDS.ORG OR even better PERSONAL PRAYER for answers and guidance !!

Karell BinghamMarch 30, 2021

I am very interested in hearing what you have to offer! Thanks for your insights!



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