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March 20, 2023

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Maryann TaylorMarch 16, 2021

Sadly, continued misrepresentation of the church will be even greater as we approach the second coming of our Savior, and persecutions will increase. I appreciate your review of this program. The goal of the producers was an obvious attempt to cast a shadow on the church with the media's consistent "Drama-Queen" approach. While it is good to shine a light on these twisted and false portrayals of the church, I am often reminded of Lehi's statement regarding those who were mocking from the large and spacious building. He said, "We heeded them not." Those who criticize the church will blow away like chaff in the wind. There are so many, even in recent times, who have come out in open defiance against the church and most people cannot even remember their names. Kate WHO???

StkabuMarch 16, 2021

"This documentary is almost less about Hofmann than it is about Mormonism and not in an even-handed or even educational way. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is a minority religion in the United States, has been targeted and misrepresented too many times already" ...Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm so tired of the cringe-inducing portrayals of my religion. I'm so disappointed in Jared Hess. His talent is wasted. For someone who likes to be original, he took the easy road on this one.

Christopher CardenasMarch 16, 2021

Satan is subtle with these biased, misleading documentaries. The Lord's work will prevail as we speak up articulately. Thanks for this little article.

G HarrisonMarch 16, 2021

I agree with the article. I was surprised at the tone of the documentary and not sure what they were really trying to achieve. I remember the events well and it was interesting to look up the people being interviewed....come to your own conclusions when you have done that! Not an over reaction, it’s a fair comment about a disappointing documentary. I’m quite calm by the way....

Senior citizenMarch 15, 2021

Talk about your over-reactions! Almost every sentence sounds like a hysterical cry for pity. I saw the whole thing and learned a lot I did not know. I never suspected the leaders did anything wrong--and I still don't. Calm down!



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