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March 20, 2023

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Peter F SchlegelMay 25, 2021

Apparently the folks responding to this have NOT read the bill completely through- do not understand the constitution or both. It would totally destroy any bit of states rights we have left. Maybe read the articles of confederation and the amendments to the constitution. Too bad no of this is taught in a civics or govt class these days

CarolMarch 17, 2021

You are missing the point! The regulation of elections is given to the states. This bill is completely un-constitutional

SteveMarch 17, 2021

I agree with Mary & Victoria. I think we should try to get as many votes as possible. Apparently this bill, in contrast to what the biases National Review has to say, it to allow more people to vote which is part of our heritage. It would be nice to see an unbiased review of this bill.

BeccaMarch 17, 2021

I completely agree with the other two comments below. We have to look beyond the extensive politicking and see the real issue of voting as a basic human right, offering it to every American citizen.I signed up twice for my vaccine because a closer spot was available and I received several calls until they confirmed my agreement to cancel the repeated first shot. I was impressed with how thorough they were in learning my intent and seeking my ok to cancel it. Thank you state of Utah! :0)

VictoriaMarch 14, 2021

I agree with Mary...comment above. I just don’t see all the problems you do with voting rights. Why, with something as basic to America as voting rights would you make it more difficult for people to vote. Very wrong. These are things that would set us back over 50 years! Does not pass the smell test.

MaryMarch 14, 2021

I don't see the issue with some of the problems you listed. Changing information yes,but same day registration no. I think the goal is to get as many people to vote and to make it easier. I also don't see a problem with registering online and if states are not smart enough to provide through that process safeguards than maybe they do need to be regulated. This is 2021 not 1950.



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