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December 4, 2022

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SKMarch 10, 2021

I am so saddened that the Hill Cumorah Pageant is gone forever. My family had plans to attend in 2020, flight booked, and ready to book hotels in the area, when it was cancelled. My family participated in the 2000 pageant, and it would have been our 20th anniversary. We live all across the U.S. now, and it would have been a family reunion for us. We were planning to attend in 2021 as consolation. I don't know why this pageant is forever cancelled because it brought in up to 10,000 people every night, all prospective investigators, and gave attendees the chance to visit the Sacred Grove, Smith homestead, and Palmyra. When I lived in Pennsylvania, we attended every year from 1982, when we joined the church. I know it's probably the cost. I am just so devastated that the pageant is nevermore.



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