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October 6, 2022

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Bonnie lu ZoBellMarch 7, 2021

Interesting about yams or sweet potatoes. I really do need to know which someone is serving because I am allergic to sweet potatoes --causes hives--while yams do not. Great article on listening and not having to be right--especially to keep peace and that is more important in the eternal perspective.

LindaMarch 4, 2021

"revising what they thought they knew" is one of my favorite lines in your article! Which was such a good reminder to continue on the path of trying to be humble and teachable. Thanks for the boost.

Arlene C WelkerMarch 4, 2021

I saw a sign on a billboard once that said, "Never miss the chance to shut up." Works great!

Robert D StarlingMarch 4, 2021

Thanks Joni, for reminding us all that "Nobody like a smart alec" (or is it "smart alek"?) - Dilbert

RaNae ShoafMarch 4, 2021

I love this! So true and so right. Sometimes I talk myself into staying silent (for instance when my husband is telling a story and getting the details wrong, at least to my memory, which of course is "right" haha), is to realize that if I wasn't there at that moment, the story would stand as told, and no one would be hurt by it.



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