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September 24, 2021

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Joel WhiteMarch 7, 2021

As one who is seriously doubtful about the integrity of the election system these days, all I want is the truth. No court has looked at lots of evidence, that perhaps could be disproven to support election fraud. But the unwillingness to explore that, gives me an increased level of distrust. Let's seek truth, and not shut down that quest!

Kristen OpenshawMarch 6, 2021

I find it disturbing that comments here are attacking Donald Trump's character and calling names. It does nothing to promote or validate the main point of the article, which everyone should be able to agree with.

Andrew J. CurrieMarch 6, 2021

Like every other Trump hating commenter that I read, there's the unsupported claim he is a liar, but no fact or example is given. And these opinionated political lightweights act as if any politicians they support is not also a liar. Heaven help us! It would be nice to hear an intelligently supported opinion rather than merely the venom of a angry, emotional person. Your dislike of the man does not make him a liar, but your comments are an insight into your souls.

A. BinghamMarch 5, 2021

Thank you for posting this. The amount of dis-information being passed as fact or truth is stunning and at a premiere university even more tragic..the lives that were destroyed because of one person's dishonesty is also a tragedy. That this dis-information hasn't been detracted from the media is also tragic. I find it very disheartening that some readers are choosing to use this post as a way to personally attack Meridian magazine creators. A cheap attack. Appreciate the magazine and the thoughtful news postings.

Wayne B CrawleyMarch 5, 2021

Wow I am really surprised by the 2 comments. A person does not have to think very hard to understand how the election stolen. House of Representatives passed HR 1 so that the whole country will have the same voting laws as California. HR1 is unconstitutional and a clear grabe for Power. And Georgia made new voting laws to fix the problem it had. The problem with so called liberals is they rather us name calling such as comparing Donald Trump to the devil "the father of lies" it all about feelings then logic

George CarmenMarch 4, 2021

Wow, I find it so interesting that you spew hate upon someone you likely have not or will not ever meet. It is interesting how many people allow the person that has no influence in their lives to take them over because of their own focus on him or whoever. To let anyone control you is sad.

John PearceMarch 4, 2021

While this is an interesting story I think that there is a more relevant story involving lying and that is "The Big Lie" of former President Donald Trump. His lying has damage the Republican party, the confidence of voters in US elections and the international standing of the US as an example of democracy. This is a lie that has been rejected by over sixty courts and every state official but many Republican politicians are still promoting this untruth. For me the saddest concequence is that many millions of people still believe that the 2020 election was stolen including many of my church member friends.

Bradd C HayesMarch 4, 2021

While I agree facts (and truth) matter in the news, I find it astonishing that Meridian Magazine, which openly supported Trump, the father of lies, has the audacity to demonstrate moral outrage on this subject.



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