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April 12, 2024

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prbMarch 8, 2021

What a sad day…becoming so easily offended by a drawing in a children’s book that we think we should change it or correct it or cancel it. Do our “brethren” promote censorship? Dr. Seuss stories, rhymes and illustrations are treasures of creativity. For me, they contain great messages and are not offensive. When I was a teenager, an artist drew my caricature at my request. It’s a prized possession that I can smile at.

Steve BrownMarch 7, 2021

So disheartening! Without any knowledge of Dr. Seuss, his history or intentions, I can only say, that his innovative way of teaching tolerance and affection has charmed and influenced my family for good and I am certain that will continue to be passed on to their future generations. Perfectly suited for entertaining young children and keeping their attention while introducing them to a world of differences, his fanciful stories demonstrate how alike we all are below the surface.

Gramma CrowfootMarch 4, 2021

Oh please. Everyone makes mistakes and isn’t it nice when someone cares enough about our memory/legacy to help correct it? In this case, Dr. Suess can’t so his organization has acted proactively (just as the church has stopped publishing things from ‘a time before’ because they ‘were not aware’ or had been ‘insensitive toward’ or had ‘misinterpreted’ something previously. The loss of these books does nothing to undercut the gifts of Dr. Suess and will most likely open up a wider market of readers (whereas before MANY had GOOD reason to question his intentions based on these titles alone). I don’t understand what is so hard/offensive for mainstream to change some of the cultural landscape that perpetuates division, especially when better/safer/kinder/more appropriate & sensitive options & gestures are possible. Nostalgia is no reason to perpetuate hurt/pain/offence. To quote the brethren, “when we know better we must DO better.”

AmyMarch 3, 2021

How is this article related to the LDS church?

Kate B.March 3, 2021


Karell BinghamMarch 3, 2021

Cancel Dr. Seuss? Tip over the statue of George Washington? Part of the nation is losing its historical bindings! Enough is enough! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, oh, by the way we are cancelling 6 of your books. Brother!



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