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November 27, 2022

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Geoff-AusMarch 6, 2021

Jim, Has it occured to you that removing discrimination so that one group has the same rights as others, is very different from giving them rights no one else has. It was illegal to be gay in Utah before 2003. Do they now have priveledges you dont?

Maryann TaylorMarch 2, 2021

The key words in this statement are "protection of people and institutions of faith." We do NOT support the so-called "rights" of gay or transgender people when it imperils religious freedom.

CamMarch 1, 2021

@Billy-Our gay brothers and sisters have been persecuted much longer than members of the church have. I hope you aren't saying that the LGBTQ community can't be an average American citizen or a believer in God. Someday the church will realize the damage ghey have done and things will change, if the church wants to maintain any sense of relevancy anymore.Can you even name how our church is being legally discriminated against?

Jim ScottMarch 1, 2021

Giving any recognition to any other than being a citizen is to make that person, group or belief given super citizenship. Laws fashioned to favor one over another reduces the value of those not in the vale. The claim of being Irish, for example, or red headed, or left handed all could claim some especial consideration. There are only political favors by elected officials to be re-elected rather than recognizing the ramifications of such legislation.

BillyMarch 1, 2021

Just another protected class to divide the country more. It appears every fringe group has a protection act. The average American citizens and Christians are the only groups that can be legally discriminated against.



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