March 5, 2021

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CynthihahMarch 3, 2021

We the people of the United States need to stop blaming everything on our government and step up and take responsibility for our own freedom. May I propose the way to do this is to "clean up our own back yards." When was the last time you read the United States Constitution, and do you know what it actually says and means? Freedom is only as free as we make it. We the people make America great!

JamesFebruary 24, 2021

The Freedom of Speech is just that...Free and Protected, and also freedom from the consequences of that speech, with a few exceptions. The 'woke' community wants consequences, censorship and the complete and total loss of livelihoods as punishment for any (to them) disagreeable speech, and they are getting away with this nonsense by using non-government entities to do it! I really hope that the courts will see this and extend the unconstitutionality of censorship to any organization that allows speech, especially social media and allows for people to sue for a clear violation of their Civil Rights. I also hope that the bills, that are being proposed around the country, that puts being fired from a job for disagreeable speech, up there with all other forms of discrimination are passed and become enforceable law. However, I really hope the Second Coming of the Savior will happen soon and that He can put a definitive stop to it for good.



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