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October 27, 2021

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Ann Blake-TracyFebruary 21, 2021

Good for you in knowing to turn to the Savior for the answers you needed! Too many do not. I went through something similar as a child but did not have answers for decades later. My younger sisters would talk aboit our mother as such a wonderful & kind mother. And I would wonder who they could possibly been talking about! Why would they think that when the mother I had was so mean? Could this be the same woman I overheard laughing with our neighbor over a scheme they hatched to call the pound on each others dogs while us kids searched & searched for our best fruend? (Only one of many similar things.) But then after my mission I came home to discover I had some very serious health issues & the doctors in "treating" me almost killed me. From there i learned to study health on my own to recover & became an expert in cases involving the use of prescription drugs. Because of the extensive knowledge I gained I began asking questions & learned my mother had been given steroids by a doctor when I was young but came off them before giving birth to my much younger sisters. I knew that steroids were invented at the request of Hitler who wanted to turn his troops into "lean, mean killing machines"! And that is how my mother was transformed into this woman I could not stand to be around. The doctor's prescription had destroyed my relationship with my mother, robbing us of happy years & memories, while my 2 sisters shared with her many happy years along with loving memories. Sad but it has helped me to be more compassionate with thise I work with going through the same. And it certainly has helped me forgive my mother. Yes what she did caused a lot of pain but had she been told the truth about the drugs given to her that were supposed to help would she have ever taken them? I do not believe she would have! She made the mistake of placing her trust in the Arm of Flesh rather than the Savior, just as I had done when I almost lost my life doing so! We were told the whole world would be decieved by prescription drugs in our day Rev 18. We need to know far more about them to survive this!



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