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May 20, 2022

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Sherry ScoffieldFebruary 10, 2021

How very much this article was needed and appreciated....for such a time as this when there is so much evil around us. It surely lifted me up.

Cornelia MadsenFebruary 10, 2021

Thank you for continuing to encourage us with messages that are giving us more than hope; our faith is strengthened with history and current spiritual helps!

Chris HowellFebruary 9, 2021

Thank you, Anne. I know that those that are with us are more than those that are with them, but it's a powerful witness to cite examples.....thank you, thank you.

Diane IrwinFebruary 9, 2021

Anne, you continue to amaze me! I completely skipped over the story about Rhonda Hair the first time I read this!! It is so delightful that she had the ability to see what was going on, and God prevailed!

Carlie ArntsenFebruary 9, 2021

Thank you but I always wonder about the “errand of angels” and why scriptural angels are never women?

Juliann BradshawFebruary 9, 2021

Currently studying the Book of Revelations and with so many challenging things ahead it is comforting to be reminded that those that are with us are greater than those that be against us. Many from the heavenly realms are and will be helping us. Thank you for this great insight.



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