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Millions Sold - Why? Because It's Made Easier

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November 26, 2022

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Elizabethe WaltonNovember 23, 2020

I don't have any social media so I am grateful to be able to post something here. I am grateful that we had twelve years to live in a beautiful home in Palmyra NY. I am grateful for the many friends I made there, for the opportunity to walk the Sacred Grove whenever we wanted, to share our home and out faith with so many guests, family, and friends over the years. I am grateful that when my husband got sick and we could no longer do that, that our loving Heavenly Father prepared a way for us to live safely and comfortably near family, and that we will be able to build a house to meet his needs. I am grateful for a wonderful husband, who was an active and talented professional photographer, and had to completely change his life in ways he really did not enjoy. But he did sayo with grace and faith and patience. His art and his photography endure as a testament to his talent and his faith. He is so good to me. I am forever grateful that Heavenly Father brought us together! Elizabethe Walton #GiveThanks



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