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May 31, 2023

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Cary HolmquistNovember 19, 2020

If the display of my little iPad Mini-version is giving me an accurate version of the online web page showing your sunrise photograph of the Nauvoo Temple with background of the Mississippi River and Iowa bank and skyline on the river’s west bank, it appears you have also captured the final waning moments of another atmospheric phenomenon. It is popularly known as the Belt of Venus or antitwilight arch, and often goes overlooked because it is short-lived and easily obscured or hidden by tall trees that can block the true horizon as seen from ground level. It is visible only in the twilight moments in the west before sunrises and after sunset in the east. In your photo, there is the barest hint of blue right along the west-bank skyline, if my display correctly reproduces the image, that would then qualify the moment and view as the very last remains of a Belt of Venus. Which is partly defined as a pink or yellow-orange glow band above the horizon with blue lighting both above and below the pink coloration. Perhaps it is a small distinction in the big wide world of so many phenomena in the skies. But it is one that I see also from time to time in the Big Sky Country of Montana (due in part to our vistas that often lack close-by tall trees, both east and west of the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains) and I am always captured, as you were, by the beauty of the contrasting and ephemeral colors. Well done and thank you, Brother Proctor. —Cary Holmquist, Frenchtown, Montana. (P.S., I am looking forward to receiving the Nauvoo Diary soon.)

Scot ProctorNovember 19, 2020

Randy, I was an account holder at that bank for many years so I felt okay about borrowing the roof for a few minutes long before they were open!

Phil WasdenNovember 17, 2020

Dan Bell beat me to my suggestion. The shot you got is beautiful and knowing the sacrifice you made, gives it even more meaning. Thank you!

Randy CookNovember 17, 2020

The photograph is beautiful. My Hyde and Cook ancestors lived in Nauvoo and helped to build the first temple. Their temple marriage covenants are recorded there. I visited there last in 1981 before the second temple was constructed. I stood at the large depression in the ground where the temple had stood.and felt my ancestors presence there. I hoped then that a new temple would be built. Just one question. How do the Bank building owners feel about your clandestine use of their building?

DebbieNovember 17, 2020

This is a spectacular picture! Thank you for sharing the tender mercy that allowed it to happen. The Lord is in the details of our lives.

Steve LoyNovember 17, 2020

Beautiful shot! Great work and what an effort to get that shot!

Dan BellNovember 17, 2020

Beautiful shot Scot. Just a thought: have you ever considered a drone? I am getting pretty good shots from mine... At least maybe a little less risky... Keep up the good work.



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