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June 16, 2024

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DTNovember 4, 2020

I giggled when I read about Tammy's experience. Exactly mine. I got up and got out earlier than usual to get the coveted toilet paper bundle at the big box members only. I was shocked to find the line to the TP at the back of the store, starting at the front door. WHAT??? And as I waited with my fellow citizens, there seemed many in line who seriously did not seem to qualify as a senior citizen. Hey, I'm a young one, and I should know. Turns out many "came along for the ride" with Mom and Dad, or Grandma, to get the coveted item. No one was getting scrutinized or turned away. The whole thing was ridiculous. By the time the store opened, there would be little TP and no disinfectant wipes left. The workers came along putting one huge multi pack of wipes in everyone's cart. I didn't know I was shopping for any or that I needed any, but decided resistance was futile and kept quiet, thinking of our self reliance stores. They soon ran out.

DesNovember 4, 2020

I would have thought the unintended consequence would have been a store full of elderly people "catching up" with their friends, and wasting too much of their senior hour talking, rather than shopping. much like how they now all congregate in the chapel foyer gasbagging and catching up with each other after months away from meeting.



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