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May 15, 2022

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Gordon J HensleyNovember 6, 2020

I know people who have pet snakes and I fear that my wife will not want to join me in heaven because she is afraid of snakes, including pictures of them.

Maryann TaylorNovember 5, 2020

We have two dogs we dearly love and others that have died. The grief we felt was deep, and I have been comforted by the knowledge that they will be perfectly resurrected and that we will have our pets in the next life. I believe one of the reasons Heavenly Father gave us pets is for comfort. When my husband is away, my dogs are a great comfort and company for me. Pets can also have a wonderful unifying influence in families. Hearts are softened through the love we feel for our pets, and families are united in our affection for them. I also feel gratitude to my Heavenly Father for this great gift.

Hildegard EralieNovember 5, 2020

I feel so gratified to read your article which confirms all my feelings and beliefs. i avoid the ants on the sidewalk, carry the earwig outside that happened to come in with my fruit, and love and mourn my pets past and present like the people I love. I have to change the channel when animal abuse is about to be reported, and can't stand watching anything that involves apparent suffering of animal on any kind. The older I get the more I have become aware that ALL animals, reptiles, even insects can feel love and return love. This knowledge has enriched my life, and made me more aware of the wisdom and love of all creation, and makes me so much more grateful for all living things, plants, trees, EVERYTHING.


Hello Joni, now I have run into the second woman I know who has so much compassion for animals that she cannot stand seeing them suffering in a movie. The first one is my wife, who told me, shortly after we had married, that she did not enjoy the movie "Dance with the Wolves," which I thought was rather very nice, because of the wolf being shot at the end of the movie. I am grateful for your article, which I will forward to one of my childless good friend, who just lost his 10-year old dog and is grieving it as if it were his child.



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