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August 20, 2022

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Gale PhillipsSeptember 25, 2020

This article gives hope to those whose children have been indoctrinated in our universities. Tragically, this post modernist relativism is common on most campuses. Parents must give their children a framework of understanding in correct principles and a forewarning of what they will encounter, so that they can recognize and resist these false teachings when they are sent off to college.

RobertSeptember 16, 2020

Thank you for the article, so much truth. Many of our youth today and I am sorry to say have a a very different view of freedom to what we had as youth. Freedom is not given up all to obtain, but holding onto what you have. Truth will always be truth, no matter what our so called modern day activists say. Freedom does have rules and boundaries that's what makes us free. Today's thinking of anything goes has lead us this immoral situation we now have. Modern day thinking cannot make things free, truth make you free.



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