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February 8, 2023

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Roxanne dupliseaSeptember 23, 2020

Get well soon Maurine Scot thank you for sharing how you hear the spirit.

Gloria SchickSeptember 17, 2020

Thank you! Thank you for all of your labors to produce this beautiful magazine---and especially the podcasts! They are amazing! The last two (#36 & #37) were especially moving to our family, since we too rode the Hiawatha Bike Trail last month (on Aug. 28th).. We were right there with you as you related your experience, Maurine!---the beauty fo the area, but also the "terror" of that first one and a half mile long tunnel! Balancing a bike in the near darkness and trying to dodge the puddles and ruts brought a horrible picture to my mind of this grandma doing the same thing that you did----running into one of the deep ditches and walls on the sides! It seemed like it took forever to get to the end!--- And then for you to have to walk that long way back with a shattered arm! Wow! That must have been excruciating! But then you spoke of the comforting companionship of the Hoy Ghost that you experienced---and we were all very moved by your testimony. Thank you! What a great gift we were given, at baptism, to help us find joy amidst the lessons of this mortality! Have a wonderful week, and know that you are truly in our prayers, dear friends! Gloria Schick P.S. After that first tunnel, the rest of the ride was really fun!---and beautiful!

Joy and Gary LundbergSeptember 14, 2020

Our thoughts and prayers are with Maurine. Please tell her we love her and are praying for her. Your podcast was so very informative and inspiring. Thank you so much. We appreciate your knowledge and the way you rely on the Spirit. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for loving us enough to keep on teaching.

Anna S.September 11, 2020

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet wife Maurine! My prayers are with you both for a speedy recovery. I missed her tonight but know that you miss her more. Thank you for a wonderful podcast as always. Arise and Come Forth Unto Me!!!



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