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February 25, 2024

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Kanesa Laumea FueSeptember 17, 2020

Whatever or Howerver the Prophet looks like - it wont change my testimony that he is truly a true prophet of our Lord. It wont change my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon Joseph Smith is the true prophet of God - with or without a portrait he will always be the true prophet of God. One way or the other it wont change anything of the past, now or future..

Guy GardnerSeptember 12, 2020

Not trying to be morose but I have thought that the death mask may have an elongated chin and maybe even made it less protruding for two reasons: 1. In death the jaw may partly open and froze there 2. He fell on his face and jaw was broken and when the mask was taken the jaw may have been misplaced if the bones were broken through.

AlexanderSeptember 12, 2020

This is potentially the daguerreotype in question. This one wasn’t taken of a painting. We’re not 100% sure, but it’s the best candidate.

Mariah (author)September 10, 2020

@Sheila I believe that black and white photo is someone's photo of a picture and it is unclear whether that original image was a photograph or a painting and how much it was altered in the process of taking it (they used to draw in alterations directly onto to the plate once the image was stamped there--if I understand correctly). As for his hair color, I read in an Ensign article from 2005 that they have a lock of Joseph's hair still and that it was very, very light colored.

Maryann TaylorSeptember 10, 2020

I loved reading about and looking at these pictures that might possibly be close to the appearance of Joseph Smith. I think those of us who love and admire him will recognize him immediately when we see him! What a great day it will be to hear him speak and to actually see him.

Sheila WallSeptember 10, 2020

Interesting article Mariah! In the collage of photos at the top, I have always been told that the black and white photo on the bottom right is an actual photo of him. So wouldn't the actual photo be more factual than people's descriptions? Interesting that one describes him as having brown hair, a few others say he had light hair, and his profile painting is dark hair, but the LDS depiction of him is usually light haired.

Geraldine W CampbellSeptember 10, 2020

Consider that we have no accurate portrait of Jesus either, only the New Testament accounts. Nevertheless, those of us with a firm testimony of the gospel itself, know Him to be the Son of God and second person of the Godhead. So what does it matter if we have no reliable portrait of Joseph Smith? We have, in our own time, the record of his work. More significantly, we have the restored Church. More than enough said!

Deanna SasserSeptember 10, 2020

I like the portraits of the prophet that show his true personality—where he has a twinkle in his eye; where he is around people laughing and loving. I do not care for the portraits of that day when they were so serious and looked grave and unhappy. So many pictures of my ancestors are that way. I never have pictured the Prophet Joseph in that light.



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